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NY Microscope Co. is a full service microscope company. Whether you need to find a certain stereo microscope for your lab or classroom.
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1. Ken-A-Vison Microprojectors

New York Microscope Company is pleased to offer the renown Ken-A-Vison Microprojectors. Our microprojectors are effectively used from elementary to college level courses.

Tags: Ken-A-Vison Microprojectors

2. Phase Contrast Microscope- Gear For Visualizing Intra-Cellular Processes

Out of wide range of lab equipment, microscope which is used for observation of intra-cellular processes like cell division is phase contrast microscope.

Tags: Phase Contrast Microscope

3. The Benefits Of A Microscope In Today’s World

There are other microscopes as well, such as industrial video microscopes, which offer improvised vision by improving resolution, contrast, and hence give clearer view.

Tags: Industrial Video Microscopes

4. Defining Different Types Of Microscopes - Asbestos Microscope

A microscope is an instrument used in scientific laboratories for magnifying small objects. The size and weight of these microscopes is more than traditional microscopes. Also, there is an asbestos microscope for observing the...

Tags: Asbestos Microscope

5. Find the Best Deals on Compound Microscopes

While you may not be able to afford the compound microscopes available through your usual sources, you will find that we carry a huge inventory for you to choose from at prices that are far more budget friendly.

Tags: Compound Microscopes

6. Features Of 7 Different Types Of Microscopes!

Undoubtedly, microscopes are a great invention. With the aid of microscopes, things have become easy to view. Its various benefits have made it a popular tool amongst various areas.

Tags: Ken a vision microscope

7. What Factors To Look Into When Buying Microscopes?

If you are looking forward to buy any brand asbestos microscopes, but bombarded with various options, here are few things that you need to look into, in order to make a right decision.

Tags: Asbestos Microscopes

8. microscopeinternational

A dental surgical microscope enables the doctor to view the oral scape of his patients on a large scale, while performing a root canal, inserting dental implants, or performing any other kind of an orthodontic treatment.

Tags: Dental Surgical Microscope

9. The Basic Light Microscope Is Perfect for the Classroom

Compound light microscope is considered to be one of the most commonly used microscopes. It is ideal for many different purposes and can be found in most schools that have chemistry and biology labs.

Tags: Compound Microscopes

10. Benefits Of Microscopes In Various Fields Of Life

In today’s world, microscopes help us out in many fields of life. There are many types of microscopes for different fields such as optical, light, electron and vintage microscope etc.

Tags: Vintage Microscopes

11. What Are The Uses Of Microscopes In Different Fields?

Compound microscopes are probably the oldest type in the history of this equipment. Since its invention, this instrument has helped humankind in many ways.

Tags: Compound Microscopes

12. Diagnose Gout-Using Gout/Polarized Microscopes!

Gout refers to the medical weakness that depicts frequent attacks of acute provocative arthritis that leads to reddishness, tenderness, swallowing of joints.

Tags: Gout Microscope

13. Diverse Fields Where Binocular Microscopes Are Used

A microscope that is categorized as binocular comes designed with two eyepieces instead of just one. This arrangement is created to reduce the amount of eyestrain.

Tags: Binocular Microscope

14. How Well Do You Know About Digital Microscopes?

There are two types of portable digital microscope, Firstly, the microscopes which are carried by the help of hands and Secondly, the microscopes which are carried and are fixed to a table.

Tags: Digital Microscopes

15. microscopeinternational

Advance projectors like the Ken a vision micro projector enable instructors to display the observations of a microscope on a larger screen, adding much to their convenience and the overall efficiency of the classroom.

Tags: Ken A Vision Micro Projector

16. Observe The Living Cells With Inverted Microscope

An inverted microscope is designed with a light source and condenser lens on the top, above the stage pointing down. The objectives and turret are below the stage pointing up.

Tags: Inverted Microscope

17. How To Choose The Right Microscope For Different Uses?

Multiple options are available in this instrument such as compound polarizing, electron, unitron microscope. If you want to buy this equipment, then you must consider some things before purchasing.

Tags: UNITRON Microscope

18. With microscope covers, you get more than you pay for!

Don’t buy microscopes without microscope covers. By investing just a fraction of the price of the tool, you get protection worth a thousand times more!

Tags: Microscope Covers

19. microscopeinternational

New York Microscope Company offers a large selection of quality microscopes by Accu-Scope to the NYC Board of Education.

Tags: Accu-scope Microscope

20. Choose The Best Hand Held Digital Microscope For Classroom

With the advent of digital microscopes, laboratory experiments have become easy to conduct. More accurate results are produced, which is likely not possible without it.

21. Refurbished Microscopes – Excellent Quality At Affordable Prices

Used microscopes are perfect for medical institutes, schools and any environment where chances of lab supplies breaking down or getting damaged are higher.

Tags: Refurbished Microscopes

22. What Makes Digital Microscopes Better Than Traditional Scopes?

The hand held digital microscope is of core importance in both education and scientific industries. Scientific researchers can also take benefit from digital scopes.

Tags: hand held digital microscope

23. Equipment That Provide The Detailed View During Surgeries

During any surgery, there is no room for any mistake or misunderstanding. That is why, only high quality instruments are used for this procedure.

Tags: Surgical Loupes

24. How To Choose Between New or Old Microscope?

Microscopes are widely used in various industries and fields. If you search for new or antique microscopes, which is for sale then choose the option that you think is best.

Tags: Antique Microscopes For Sale‎

25. 7 Useful Accessories For A Microscope

For different industries, there are different types of observing instruments available; like for research on gout disease, gout microscope is available.

Tags: Gout Microscope

26. The Digital Microscope Does Not Require an Eyepiece

One of the first things you are going to notice about the modern digital microscope is that the eyepiece is gone. You no longer have to peer down the barrel.

Tags: Digital Microscopes

27. Suppliers Of Leica Microscopes In New York

New York Microscope Company pleased to offer many antique microscopes such as Compound, Leica, Digital, Stereo and Surgical Microscopes.

Tags: Leica Microscopes

28. High Magnification Gemological Microscopes

New York Microscope Company is pleased to offer high magnification gemological microscopes from Accu-scope, Unitron and Meiji(the finest microscope manufacturer in the world).

Tags: Gemological Microscopes

29. High Quality Fluorescence Microscopes Suppliers In New York

A fluorescence microscope is an optical compound light microscope that uses fluorescence and phosphorescence with an additional light source located behind the eyepieces in the back of the frame.

Tags: Fluorescence Microscopes

30. Keep a closer eye on things with a Ken A Vision microscope

Ken A Vision Microscope has been in the business for more than 65 years. A manufacturer of award-winning educational microscopes built for students and teachers.

Tags: Ken A Vision Microscope

31. How Much Do Scientists Need Microscopes?

Throwing light on the point of availability of antique microscopes, the antique microscopes are available for sale on various online portals.

Tags: Antique Microscopes For Sale‎

32. What Makes Digital Microscope Cameras The Next Big Thing?

The way things were looked earlier; today things have completely got changed. A visible change can be seen in digital microscope, which is an advanced variation of the conventional optical microscope.

Tags: Digital Microscope Cameras

33. Accessories, Which Can Enhance The Experience Of Microscopes

Gout microscope requires different tools while some other equipment may need other type of tool. No matter, which tool is attached, they all are there to enhance the lab experience.

Tags: Gout Microscope

34. How To Stereo Microscopes Differ From Compound Ones?

Compound microscopes are most likely found in a place like a laboratory. It provides a two dimensional view of the object, which is suitable for observation, research, etc.

Tags: Compound microscopes

35. Do You Want To Purchase The Best Quality Gout Microscope?

For buying microscopes requires a lot of research and ample knowledge about these gears. Following are few things that are to be looked into gout microscope or any other types of it, before making a purchase.

Tags: Gout Microscope

36. You Need Different Microscope For Different Purposes!

Microscope is used not only for Educational purposes but for research purposes as well. Optical, metallurgical, binocular and various other types of microscopes are used for different purposes.

Tags: Binocular Microscopes

37. Are Surgical Microscopes Bliss For Surgeons?

Surgical microscopes are used to solve different medical issues, which are associated with ear, nose, and throat surgery, orthopedic, and brain surgery.

Tags: Surgical Microscopes

38. Why Researchers Prefer To Use Digital Microscopes!

Digital microscopes are totally different from traditional microscopes. These types of microscopes contain a digital camera and can be connected to a computer.

Tags: Use Digital Microscopes

39. With Phase Contrast Microscope, See the Invisible

Phase Contrast Microscope is one of the equipment we can use to see the specimen. It is mainly used for observing transparent or translucent living cells or other specimen.

Tags: Phase Contrast Microscope

40. Unitron Type Of Microscopes Changing The View Of Various Fields

According to the needs of different fields, several types of microscopes have been developed over years. Unitron microscope is included in these several types. Due to its several qualities, this specific equipment is used in...

Tags: UNITRON Microscopes

41. Things To Look For When Buying A Microscope

Microscopes are used in laboratories, school, colleges and universities etc., for educating students. For different industries and people, multiple types of this instrument are available such as unitron microscope.

Tags: UNITRON Microscope

42. Ever Changing Microscope Technologies

The simple microscope transmits illumination with the help of an object whereas stereo microscope reflects from the surface of an object.

Tags: Stereo Microscope

43. What Makes Compound Microscopes So Special?

Modern day compound microscope can magnify an object to a thousand times its original size. It can distinguish objects placed as closely as 0.1 micrometers.

Tags: Compound Microscope

44. Microscope Has Contributed A Lot In Knowing The Unknown

There are microscopes like fluorescence microscopes, which allow having a magnification multiple times. There are multiple benefits of using these microscopes, as usage is possible for long hours at a stretch.

Tags: Fluorescence Microscopes

45. Stereo Microscope Parts-

New York Microscope Company is the leading supplier of compound, digital, stereo microscopes and other lab microscopes for businesses, educational institutions, governments and more.

Tags: Medical laboratory equipment, Digital Microscopes, Medical microscope

46. What Is The Role Of Microscopes In Gout Disease’s Diagnosis?

It is analyzed by synovial fluid in which, lab technicians look for the monosodium urate crystals (MSU) or calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate (CPPD). Professionals in the medical field use gout microscope to identify these crystals.

Tags: Gout Microscopes

47. How Microscopes Have Become A Good Business?

There are number of reasons why a refurbished microscope is preferred over a new microscope. The recommendation not only comes from scientists but also from Government agencies, which are into research work.

Tags: Refurbished Microscopes

48. Are You Aware With Components Used In Microscopes?

If you are keen to know about the parts of USB, surgical or asbestos microscope, here is detailed description about it.

Tags: Asbestos Microscopes

49. Industrial Video Microscopes

Microscopes are one of the most marvelous and amazing inventions by human race. Video microscopes come with connectivity options which users can use to link them with a personal computer using a USB cable or wireless application.

Tags: Industrial Video Microscopes

50. Forensics Requires the Use of a Metallurgical Microscope

Unlike the standard microscope you would use in biology the metallurgical microscope is highly specialized in that it is designed to allow you to examine shiny metal objects in great detail.

Tags: Metallurgical Microscope

51. Things To Look Into Microscopes Selling Manufacturer

If engaged in any industry like medical, research, or educational institution, and want to buy microscopes for any of it, then you need to first list out your requirements and then look for a reliable manufacturer.

Tags: Gout Microscopes

52. Microscope Stage Warmer Products

Buy high quality microscope stage warmer products from New York Microscope Company suppliers.

Tags: Compound Microscopes

53. Are You Familiar With Binocular Microscope?

Four parts are there in binocular microscope, which are as follows- base, stage, arm, and stage adjustment knobs. Each part has its own functioning, subsequently which is used for viewing the object.

Tags: Binocular Microscope

54. Why We Need Of Compound Microscopes?

Compound Microscopes are optical microscopes that have two or more convex lenses fixed in the two extremities of a hollow.

Tags: Compound Microscopes

55. What Are The Characteristics Of Unitron Microscope?

In every industry, be it medical, research, or educational field, microscopes are commonly used in every industry. Based on the need of every industry, microscopes are classified in various types.

Tags: unitron microscopes, unitron microscope

56. Choose Best Quality Medical Laboratory Equipment

The use of medical laboratory apparatuses in laboratories is vital in order to get accurate measurements for a particular test or examination. Quality medical laboratory equipment help to enhance the efficiency of your existing...

Tags: Medical Laboratory Equipment

57. High Quality Refurbished Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes are used in many high power or low power microscopy applications like micro-surgery, micro-electronics and in may other commercial and industrial activities.

Tags: Stereo Microscopes

58. Stereo Microscopes – Watching World With A New Eye

Stereo Microscopes are used for observing a specimen that we cannot locate from our naked eyes. Multiple types of this instrument are available for every different field.

Tags: Stereo Microscope

59. How Antique Models Prove To Be Marvelous?

The importance of antique pieces is immense, whether we look at the quality or the long lasting material, or anything else. Taking the case of microscope, an old and antique microscope will always have an edge over the other ones.

Tags: Antique Microscopes For Sale‎

60. Aspects of surgical microscopes

There are numerous manufacturers, like Seiler, that focus on providing surgical microscopes. A Seiler microscope is packed with features such as high resolution and wide magnification.

Tags: Medical microscope, Stereo microscope parts

61. Microscopy Flaws Overcame With Phase Contrast Microscopes

A phase contrast microscope is quite different from any other type of microscope because of the fact that it allows the observer to see specimens and procedures.

Tags: Phase Contrast Microscopes

62. Basic Principles For Phase Contrast Microscopy

The basis of Phase contrast microscopy is an optical illumination technique that changes the brightness passing through a transparent specimen in the image. To the naked eye, the phase shifts are invisible.

Tags: Phase Contrast Microscopy

63. How Labomed Microscopes Provide A Clear View For A Variety Of Users

The fantastically designed labomed microscopes are a boon to the humankind. Every aspect of these microscopes is designed in such a way that it is not less than perfection.

Tags: Labomed Microscopes

64. What Are Binocular Microscopes, and Where Are They Used?

Binocular microscopes are made from different parts, out of which, the most important ones are explained in this article here.

Tags: Binocular Microscopes

65. Find Out What History Had In Context Of Antique Microscopes!

Later in coming years, with its great use and advantages various vintage microscope were invented by top brands or manufacturers like American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Spencer and Zeiss, Leitz, Reichert Wein, Richard Holtz...

Tags: Vintage Microscope

66. Why Should You Choose Stereo Microscopes, Over Others?

With the advancement in technology, the features of stereo microscope have developed up to great extent. Unlike other microscopes, which have a problem of keeping one eye closed while peering through a microscope lens.

67. Do You Know Which Microscope Can Best Serve Your Purpose?

Inverted Microscopes are compound light microscope with the objectives inverted or located under the stage. Total magnification range from 40x to 400x with additional objectives available for greater magnification.

Tags: Inverted Microscope

68. Nobel Laureates Achieved A Milestone With The Help Of Microscope

In 1873, it was believed that we have availed all the services of vintage microscope and this is equilibrium and there is no point going beyond. The conclusion at that point of time came that the resolution available was maximum.

Tags: Vintage Microscopes

69. Microscopes – Helping In The Close Inspection Of Precious Stones!

How can gemologists know the quality of a gem? Answer to this questions is microscope. In gemology, microscopes are one of the most important equipment.

Tags: Gemology Microscopes

70. The Significance Of Surgical Microscopes In Medical Industry

Surgical microscopes are available in different models, out of which, floor type model and table type models are common options used widely for an array of reasons.

Tags: Surgical Microscope

71. Swift Microscopes & Their Accessories At Affordable Price

New York Microscope Company offers the entire line of Swift Optical microscopes and accessories which are available in numerous types at affordable prices.

Tags: Swift Microscopes

72. Uses Of High Quality Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes are particularly useful for biologists performing dissections, technicians repairing circuit boards, paleontologists cleaning and examining fossils, or anyone who needs to work with their hands on small objects.

Tags: Stereo Microscope

73. The Phase Contrast Microscope Lets Us See More

In the 1930s Frits Zernike a Dutch scientist developed the phase contrast microscope that allows the user to create a phase shift of half of a wavelength.

Tags: Phase Contrast Microscope

74. How Compound and Simple Microscope Differentiate From One Another?

There is so much of differentiation between a compound and simple microscope. The functionality of these components also differs a lot.

Tags: Compound Microscope

75. Inverted Microscopes – Extending The Benefits Of Light Microscope

What light microscope does is that it allows the user to analyze a microorganism while it is still alive. The introduction of inverted microscopes extended the advantage of former one-step forward.

Tags: Inverted Microscopes

76. What Maintenance Services Are Provided By Microscopes Companies?

Determine the type (compound, inverted, vintage or any other microscope) that you need for your home, business, laboratory or school and buy the best one from a reliable source.

Tags: Vintage Microscopes

77. What Makes Buying Refurbished Microscopes A Wise Choice?

If you looking to purchase refurbished microscopes, following are five essential features that are ought to be there and you need to look into before purchasing it.

Tags: Refurbished Microscope

78. How Are Stereo Microscopes Utilized Today?

A stereo microscope is one of the greatest tools available for observing miniature objects. You should look for reliable manufacturers that can provide with affordable solutions with the same.

Tags: Stereo Microscopes

79. Professional Labomed Microscopes

High quality Labomed microscopes with high caliber zooms are perfect for a wide variety of purposes and a multitude of applications available at New York Microscope Company.

Tags: Labomed Microscopes

80. Manufacturer Of Led Commercial Advertising Display Screens

Data Display is a leading manufacturer and designer of digital display signage. We have a wide selection of commercial LED displays.

Tags: Commercial Display

81. Antique or Unitron Microscope Cleaning Methods

Whether you have an antique microscope or a contemporary Unitron microscope, learning how to handle it correctly can minimize its cleaning needs.

Tags: Unitron Microscope

82. Why Microscopes Are Used In Forensics Departments?

For different fields, there are different types of this equipment. In forensics, mainly portable and comparison microscopes are used. They are used to collect evidences that can prove the crime in court.

Tags: Comparison Microscopes

83. microscopeinternational

One of the latest technological advances by Ken-A-Vision is the newly launched FlexCam 2, this is optimized for use with EduCam, the only mobile app able to stream live images to student smartphones and tablets.

Tags: Ken-A-Vision FlexCam

84. Used Digital Microscopes

Used digital microscopes are ideal for anyone with a limited budget. You can save up to 60% money and facilitate your lab easily. Just make sure that the provider is dependable, and the asking price is reasonable.

Tags: Digital Microscopes

85. microscopeinternational

Widely used equipment in the medical field, the stereo category of microscopes, is an optical microscope designed to insect objects through which light cannot pass.

Tags: Boom Stereo Microscopes

86. Unitron Microscopes

New York Microscope Company offers a large selection of quality microscope from Unitron which are suitable for industrial, metallurgical, materials science, research, educational applications.

Tags: Unitron Microscopes

87. A Few Important Applications Of Industrial Microscopes

Industrial microscopes are special type of microscopes configured for handling industrial applications. These are so advanced that their usage is seen easily in various other fields.

Tags: Industrial Video Microscopes

88. What Is The Role Of Microscope In Healthcare Field?

In the labs of healthcare centers like hospitals, clinics or nursing homes, magnifying tools are used to observe specimen, which are taken from patients. Observation equipment like seiler microscopes are widely used in...

Tags: Seiler Microscopes

89. The Difference Between Refurbished and Brand New Microscopes

A manufacturer of a microscope can play a key role in finding an appropriate microscope as they are the ones who are aware of each and every aspect of a microscope.

Tags: Antique and Vintage Microscopes

90. Different Components and Uses Of Compound Microscopes!

The usage of compound microscopes has increased significantly. These scopes have two or more lenses. The top lens, also known as eyepiece, is the one through which objects are seen clearly.

Tags: Compound Microscopes

91. How The Market Of Microscopes Has Developed Over The Years?

The microscopes have their own market. The laboratories spend loads of million to get these components. The availability of these components is in nook and corner,

Tags: boom stereo microscopes

92. Compound Light Microscope And Its Utility

Microscopes are an important part of every laboratory, and the level of their sophistication directly affects the productivity of the facility. Their utility can be judged by how much they reduce the effort of the user.

Tags: Compound Microscope

93. Ken A Vision Micro Projector

Ken-a-Vision microprojector is effectively used from elementary to college level courses. You can find best deals For Ken-a-vision Microprojector X-1000 with inverted microscope at Discount Price.

Tags: Ken A Vision Micro Projector

94. Insight Specification and Characteristics Of Unitron Microscope

Variant types of microscopes are available in market like dental, gemological, gout, hair transplant, semen and many more. Discussing about any one of the gear from the given list, following is the characteristics of unitron...

Tags: Unitron Microscope

95. A Few Areas From The Field Of Science That Use Metallurgical Microscopes!

A Metallurgical Microscope is usable in different ways. Let’s take a look at various fields, industries, and areas where human race is making amazing use of this equipment.

Tags: Metallurgical Microscope

96. Microscopes – Enhancing The Reach Of Healthcare Industry!

Microscopes are widely used in various healthcare centers and medical laboratories. Various types of this equipment such as seiler microscopes are widely used in this field.

Tags: Seiler Microscopes

97. Tips for Purchasing a Compound Light Microscope

The compound light microscope is probably the most commonly used microscopes in the world. You will find them in schools for use by students, in research laboratories and manufacturing facilities in every country.

Tags: Compound Microscopes

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