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1. Create Zip file by php

.zip file are very small in size while it contains big sizes files. It is very simple to crete by php as well as on Desktop with the help of zip software.

Tags: PHP Open Zip File, ‎Create Zip File

2. How i restart wamp services

How can I restart wamp server services by command line. Have any Solution. I've added WAMP to the start-up in the registry but a user needs to have logged on and UAC is still playing it's annoying part.

Tags: wamp services

3. Best way to allow plugins for a PHP application

I am creating a website in php and i want to use Observation (Hook) pattern in my core php project. Can anyone help me i am new in php

Tags: Best way to allow plugins for a PHP

4. What is SMTP and How it is work.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Internet is working based on some pre defined rules and these rule named as protocol. SMTP is a protocol which is used for Email service.

Tags: What is SMTP and How it is work.

5. Get number of Files In A Directory- PHP

I'm working on a slightly new project. I wanted to know how to make it so it counts how many files are in a certain directory.

Tags: Count Files In Directory PHP‎

6. Design Image with CSS

Welcome Reader, I am explaining here Design Image with CSS . Actually we used images to give the effect on text or any object like picture that was very heavy and became cause to low speed due to heavy page.

Tags: Design Image with CSS

7. Load Data on scrolling

Php & Jquery are became a powerful language. Now a days billions sites are developed in these languages. Have you seen many sites load data when you scroll down to page for example facebook. Actually it’s main reason...

Tags: Load Data on scrolling, scroll Load Data

8. Captcha in PHP

Captcha is a text written on an image which visitor have to read and input that text in a form. If you are thinking, why we use use it? Then it is a simple answer to avoid spammer.

Tags: Captcha Code In PHP, Captcha in PHP

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