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1. One Sun, many Rays

My blog for now has reviews related to books, and soon I'll be writing short stories too.

Tags: Book review, Book, Personal, Life, Philosophy

2. One Mind, A Million Thoughts..

My blog has sports reviews on Football, cricket, Formula 1 etc Also i have some book reviews, food reviews and some personal topics!!

Tags: Sports, Random, Reality, Food, Book review

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  • San Gimignano : where fairy tales come alive
    on Jul 31, 2016 in Random
    Originally posted on Eat.Travel.Live.: As the bus whizzes past lush green vineyards across the Tuscan countryside, I cannot help but marvel. Low hanging clouds as if kissing the lopsided hills and vineyards scattered as far as my eyes can see. The wh...
  • Lost Growth = Success Delayed
    on Jul 10, 2016 in Random Children Health Life
    Growth is a word that defines a lot of things in our life today. Whether it’s in matters of work, growing up as a child or in performance related to sports/any other activity etc. That’s how we measure if we’re getting better or we...
  • Sky Watch Friday – Mumbai During RainsIt’s not only fun when the sky is clear but also when it’s dark and gloomy. During the rainy season, we get to witness the other side of the sky which is partly or wholly submerged in darkness. Whatever be the case, the sky still seems to...
  • Himachal Diaries – 2
    on Jun 15, 2016 in Random Nature PhotoBlog Photography Sky
    So this trip of mine not only got me some good pictures but also a lot of memories; both good and bad. When I clicked this picture, there was a fight which we friends were into. I’m not sure why but at that spur of the moment I just looked up a...
  • Sky Watch Friday – Himachal Diaries 1
    on Jun 3, 2016 in Random Nature PhotoBlog Photography Sky
    It’s been so long since I’ve blogged about anything. Feels good to be back with a post for my favorite theme. For the weeks following, I’ll be posting awesome sky pictures from my trip to Himachal Pradesh, India. Hope you’ll l...
  • Z is for Zoetic and Zestful
    on Apr 30, 2016 in AtoZ
    Z is for Zoetic which means living; vital. It’s easy to say that we live. Living would be entirely based on anyone’s perception. For me, living are those that are happy with what they have and what they do. Sure they do have aspirations, but they...
  • Y is for Yealing and Yarborough
    on Apr 28, 2016 in AtoZ
    Y is for Yealing which means person of the same age. I know this one’s weird too. Now there’s a word for people who are of the same age. We mostly have such friends from school I believe. It’s quite weird when you try to count how many friends...
  • X is for Xanthodont and Xenogenous
    on Apr 28, 2016 in AtoZ
    X is for Xanthodont which means “A person with yellow teeth”. Who likes yellow teeth? No one does. I’m just surprised there’s a word for that too! Lately post my stint with a bad toothache I’ve realized the importance of taking care of my s...
  • W is for Wale and Wayment
    on Apr 27, 2016 in AtoZ
    W is for Wale which means to choose; the act of choosing W is for Wayment which means lamentation; grief. For today I’d like to dedicate these 2 words for a Dog who gave up his life rescuing people stuck in the rubble due to the earthquake which sh...
  • V is for Vacuity and Viaggiatory
    on Apr 27, 2016 in AtoZ
    V is for Vacuity which means emptiness. This is by far one of the worst feelings anyone can have. Some don’t have anything worth living in their lives and are still happy. Some have work, money, love, family etc and still have that void which just...
  • Thoughts – 8I’ve been to this place called ISDI parsons, Mumbai. This school has a lot graduate programs which deal with arts and graphic designing and lot more. Their tiny campus had so much of talent which could be witnessed with what they had stuck on e...
  • Arambol Beach Goa – Sky Watch Friday
    on Dec 3, 2015 in Random PhotoBlog Photography Sky Sunset
    I love this theme. Thus yet i’ll post another sky picture! Here’s one from Arambol Beach, North Goa The time is approximately between 18.00-18.30pm People are happy taking a dip, laughing, having fun. The reddish contrast gives it a sooth...
  • Food Porn – 5
    on Dec 1, 2015 in Random
    Welcome to the 5th installment of the Food-Porn series! I love eating. I even like clicking pictures of the different delicacies too! So here’s a collection of many such moments. For this post, i choose pictures i clicked when i visited a place...
  • Sky Watch Friday
    on Nov 27, 2015 in Random Nature PhotoBlog Photography Sky
    And here’s my entry for this week’s sky theme.. I got this clicked while I lazed around Calangute Beach, Goa. It was such an amazing view..  The feeling of being content was achieved by me on that day… Looks like a huge feather rig...
  • All of the Lights
    on Nov 12, 2015 in Random PhotoBlog Photography
    The season of Diwali is upon us. It’s time for those rangolis, the lights, the crackers, the sweets, the traditional wears, the pujas, the games and what not. I clicked a few images of moments when the crackers burst. Some look very amateurish...
  • Harishchandragad – Part 3For all those who have not checked out my previous posts form this trilogy, here are the links; Harishchandragad – Part 1 Harishchandragad – Part 2 Firstly i’d like to apologize to all those who read the first two parts. I know i ke...
  • Sky Watch Friday.
    on Oct 16, 2015 in Random Nature PhotoBlog Photography Sky
    I had been to a trek to Raj machi fort which is in Lonavla, India. It was not a pleasant journey as we ended up walking over 16 kms.. But the sights we witnessed were worth the walk. Here’s one of the views. Happy weekend people!
  • Sky Watch Friday…
    on Oct 8, 2015 in Random Nature PhotoBlog Photography
    I just can’t get enough of my trek pics of Harishchandragad. So much so, that i actually waited an entire week so that i could post a new sky view for this theme. Anyways, this image was clicked whilst heading home. Hope y’all like it. Fo...
  • Sky Watch Friday
    on Oct 2, 2015 in Random Nature PhotoBlog Photography
    And after a long hiatus, I finally am participating in this theme again. I had been to this awesome place recently i.e. Harishchandragad, India. That place is indeed like heaven for every nature lover. And if you love scenic moments then yes; come do...
  • Harishchandragad – Part 2To the ones who haven’t read the first part, here’s the link – Harishchandragad- Part 1 Part 2 So after ending day 1 at 4.45am and waking up at 7am you can just imagine how much of energy we all could muster to walk up to the top mo...
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