Christianity Blogs

1. James' Info Matrix

Bringing you on a journey through interesting facts on topics regarding culture,...

Owner: jamesmys

Listed in: Society

Tags: History, Culture, General knowledge, Asian

2. Homebrewed Theology

Studying the interaction of culture, politics, news and religion

Owner: Christian_Salafia

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Theology, Religion, Politics

3. Pc Freak.Net - A Sysadmin and IT blog on Linux / BSD / Windows and Religion

Pc Freak.Net is a system administrator blog aiming to help other system administrators...

Owner: hip0

Listed in: Computers

Tags: system administration, linux, freebsd, operating systems

4. Little Things Please Little Minds

Daily reflections on a Bible Reading for the day. An attempt to be thoughtful about...

Owner: Nevard

Listed in: Religion

Tags: sermon, reflections, thought for the day, bible

5. Hebrew Nation vs Christianity

This is a blog that concerns Hebrews and that talks about Religion, Family, End of the...

Owner: Sekuma

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Sekuma Lambew, blog, Hebrew, End of the world

6. Sunday Homily Blog and Podcast

Sunday Homilies from Saint Mary Catholic Church in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Can scripture...

Owner: kzrazib

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Religion, Spirituality

7. The Related Post

Substantial Posts for a Substantial Mind

Owner: Jhay_EM

Listed in: Resources

Tags: Religion, Information, Health, Entertainment

8. The Anglo-Sinkie Scribbles

This is a personal blog comprising readings and thoughts on anglo-catholic Christianity...

Owner: benjaminchew

Listed in: Religion

Tags: personal, theology, Catholic, English

9. Sheridan

Articles, interviews and talks on life, faith and contemporary spirituality. The home...

Owner: SheridanVoysey

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Meaning, Spirituality, Faith, Radio

10. Mike Henry Sr.

Thoughts on leadership and life by Mike Henry Sr.

Owner: mikehenrysr

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Leadership, Lead Change, Change, Faith

11. DeanRoberts.Net

The meditations and contemplations of a worshiping Welshman

Owner: deanrobertsnet

Listed in: Religion

Tags: jesus, theology, current affairs, religion

12. Good Friday 2014

Good Friday will be celebrated on 18th April 2014 and on this occasion we are sharing...

Owner: tmukherjee71

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Good Friday 2014, Easter, Jesus, Crucifixion

13. He Said What, To Jesus?

Many people throughout time or at least since the ministry of Christ have claimed to...

Owner: readrand

Listed in: Religion

Tags: God, Jesus, love, people

14. Enough Light

"In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows...

Owner: LLM

Listed in: Religion

Tags: faith and doubt


Ramblings about my spiritual journey through the Christian Faith

Owner: Underwood

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Faith, God, Spirituality, Jesus Christ

16. EphesiansFour12

Pursuing a passion for the LORD, the LOST, LIFE and LEADERSHIP!

Owner: EphesiansFour12

Listed in: Religion

Tags: faith, life, leadership, equip

17. Intelligent Design and Evolution

All you need to know about Intelligent Design, Creationism and Evolution

Owner: samkadya

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Evolution, intelligent design, Charles Darwin, atheism

18. The Sign of The Cross

A blog about religion, politics and society. A place where I can share what gives me...

Owner: chrishall57

Listed in: Religion

Tags: orthodox, catholic, pentecostal, politics

19. PresbyMusings

Thoughts on life, faith, God & culture by Leon Bloder a preacher, a poet, a...

Owner: Leon_Bloder

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Faith, Presbyterian, Theology, Preaching

20. One Passion One Devotion

My life mission is to Know God and make Him Known… and i believe my blog is an...

Owner: Fireball3316

Listed in: Religion

Tags: bible, God, church, faith

21. Joey O'Connor's Art, Life & Faith Blog

Joey O'Connor's thoughts on art, life, faith, writing, creativity, spiritual...

Owner: Joey_OConnor

Listed in: Religion

Tags: art, writing, Joey O'Connor, Christian author

22. World Events and the Bible

We are dedicated to coverage of World Events and study of the Bible. Join us as these...

Owner: btward79

Listed in: Religion

Tags: antichrist, Armageddon, Prayer, God

23. Hearts and Halo

A blog about life and relationships, reflections and Christian values.

Owner: emvhie03

Listed in: Dating

Tags: Christian Dating, Relationships, Moving On, Singleness

24. The Modern Catholic

The Modern Catholic aims to inform people who have a lot of questions, but don’t know...

Owner: Aurora_Afable

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Catholic, faith, Christian, Explanation

25. Razor Swift Research Group

Razor Swift Research Group is a nondenominational think tank founded by former atheist...

Owner: RazorSwift

Listed in: Religion

Tags: apologetics, atheism, cults, science