Commentary Blogs

1. The Panda Bear Blog

This blog consists of random thoughts on modern life in both fiction and nonfiction....

Owner: pandabear41

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: Humor, Current Events, Humor, Women

2. Geir Ertzgaard | Foto | Reise | Kommentar

A combined photography, travel and commentary blog

Owner: geirsan

Listed in: Travel

Tags: travel, photography, africa, Asia

3. When A Thought Blooms

When A Thought Blooms is my "out of the box" take on everyday life. Topics...

Owner: EHBenoit

Listed in: Personal

Tags: thoughts on life, humor, observations on everyday topics, observations

4. Seasonal Stock Seasonality Trading

Access to Stock Trading Tools such as Stock Seasonality and Technical Analysis Scanners...

Owner: StocksDoc_Johnny

Listed in: Finance

Tags: stock seasonality, seasonal stocks, technical analysis, stock trading

5. Real Estate Investment Commentary REIC

Real Estate Investment Commentary provides insider information, tips, tricks and...

Owner: BobBurns

Listed in: Real Estate

Tags: section 8, plan ocho, real estate, investment, landlord

6. Progressive Social Commentary | Jesus is My Buddy

It is about living an American life, observing what is going around that life, and a...

Owner: bogsider

Listed in: Politics

Tags: politics, progressive, observation, fox, right wing

7. -the FairView-

Informative...Provocative...and laced with ADD, the FairView uses headlines, links and...

Owner: theFairView

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Politics, Finance, Economics, Headlines

8. The Right Commentary

The Right Commentary is a political blog giving viewpoints on the conservative side of...

Owner: korsondo

Listed in: Politics

Tags: politics, conservative, u.s. politics, political commentary, tea party

9. The Talk Show American

Political conservative news and commentary

Owner: Jay_Are

Listed in: Politics

Tags: political, conservative, republican, news

10. Closer to SANE!

Alternative, health, medicine, natural, remedies, healing, arts, meditation, art,...

Owner: artzstuf

Listed in: Health

Tags: personal, blog, health, alternative

11. Organic Skin Care - A Commentary on Different Products

Your skin is your most significant body organ, and it's likewise the organ where...

Owner: alchemybare

Listed in: Business

Tags: Organic Skin Care, Best Serum For Normal Skin, Organic Face Serum

12. Adding My 2 Cents

Adding My 2 Cents is about free expression of your opinions. We all have opinions and...

Owner: Keith_Barney

Listed in: Outdoors

Tags: opinion, discussion, point of view



Owner: pressrevere

Listed in: Politics


14. Shanes World Wide Blog

My own personal thoughts, reviews, comments, movie and restaurant reviews, iPhone...

Owner: shanemcd

Listed in: Personal

Tags: iPhone, Reviews, Music, Personal

15. In the Shadow of Siva

In the Shadow of Shiva is Ian Watkinson’s blog on the trials, trivia and tribulations...

Owner: IanWatkinson

Listed in: Travel

Tags: india, travel, social observation, life

16. that sport chick.

Sports news and analysis, through the eyes of the better sex.

Owner: thatsportchick

Listed in: Sports

Tags: football, basketball, baseball, college

17. Jigs Dinner

A Variety of topics

Owner: maverick

Listed in: Society

Tags: politics, recipies