Dice Blogs

1. The Die Ch'i

The Die Ch'i controls the flow of a game. Nourish it and you will level up.

Owner: SpaceApe

Listed in: Games

Tags: rpg, role-playing game, tabletop game, pen and paper

2. Tangible's Day Off

Miniature tabletop games, hobbies, and more. Essays, articles are posted once per week,...

Owner: Tangibleday

Listed in: Games

Tags: games, miniature tabletop, painting, hobby

3. Echipamente Ortopedice

Dispozitivele ortopedice sunt utilizate in cadrul procesului de vindecare, recuperare...

Owner: echipamenteortopedice

Listed in: Health

Tags: echipamente ortopedice, dispozitive ortopedice, produse medicale ortopedice, dizabilitati locomotorii, handicap locomotor

5. Calcular IMC - Índice de Massa Corporal

Calcule seu IMC (Índice de Massa Corporal) e veja como está seu peso.

Owner: micaelbh

Listed in: Health