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1. Fried Chicken for the Soul.

food. movies. television. books. travel. gossip. all things chocolate. things that...

Owner: alfredpineda

Listed in: Food & Drink

Tags: Food, Television, Travel, Random

2. Addict Smile

Addict Smile is my lifestyle. In this Blog-Diary you will find my perspective on...

Owner: AddictSmile

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: fashion, lifestyle, travel, entertainment

3. Rabia Sensei

I blog mostly about current issues, events, contest, education, wedding and my daily...

Owner: RabiaSensei

Listed in: Personal

Tags: education, wedding, contest, funny

4. The Dead Cockroach

Whimsical ramblings of a dying cockroach

Owner: deadcockroach

Listed in: Personal

Tags: seo, product launches, monetizing, blogger

5. XinYun @ SG

My thoughts and sharings, on my life, photography, events, tech gadgets and food.

Owner: xinyun

Listed in: Personal

Tags: xinyun, singapore, photography, food

6. GENSANarium

Life and living in General Santos City and in the surrounding provinces...

Owner: Guimo_Pantuhan

Listed in: Local

Tags: General Santos City, Food, Travel, Places

7. Flowersblooms By Elvie

MY WORLD IS A KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOR ! Paintings of my life's journey, experiences,...

Owner: Elvierose

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Travel, Lifestyle, Sports, Health & Fitness, Pets

8. It's Watchamacallit

It's Watchamacallit, a pinch of random thoughts seasoned with words displays the...

Owner: clarissacatalina

Listed in: Personal

Tags: film, books, lifestyle, 90s

9. TBS Bike Parts Blog - Mountain Bike News & Parts

Mountain Bike Riders check out TBS Bike Parts news, new products and event announcements.

Owner: bikeparts

Listed in: Sports

Tags: bike, gears, mountain, parts

10. A Whinger In France

A Humorous Look At News And Events From Around The World

Owner: John_Williams

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Humor, News, World, Sex


Environments consists of wonders including places, people, events and animals.

Owner: cyrex2010

Listed in: Environment

Tags: World, Wonders, People, Animals


Street Photography, Event Photography, Portraits, Travel, and many more

Owner: Dash

Listed in: Photo Blog

Tags: Street, Travel, Portraits, People

13. Paranormal : Videos and Events

Compilation of paranormal phenomena, ghosts, UFOs, strange animals, weird phenomena of...

Owner: sosa

Listed in: Personal

Tags: paranormal, phenomena, ghosts, ufos, strange sounds

14. Ichsanul Amal

Arts, Culture, Traditional, Contemporary, Performance

Owner: Amal

Listed in: Arts

Tags: News, Arts, Performing, Wisdom

15. Karen Zuproc

No Particular Niche

Owner: callmebluesky

Listed in: Personal

Tags: food, education, photos, Bonifacio High Street

16. 2+2=5

così va la vita.

Owner: spineless

Listed in: Music

Tags: music, life, literature, cinema

17. A Mere Mortal

The world through the eyes of a mere mortal. A personal blog with lifestyle news...

Owner: AMereMortal

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Fashion, Lifestyle, Design

18. Entertainment Events

its a source of all entertainment

Owner: ticketroyale

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: entertainment, sports, theatre, festival, concert

19. Events Mafia Online

This is an events and lifestyle blog that features what's going on around the...

Owner: Teclord

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: events management, entertainment, concerts, movies

20. Paranormal Events

Spectacular videos and pictures of ghosts, EVP, strange events, UFOs and mysterious...

Owner: sosa

Listed in: Personal

Tags: phenomena, paranormal, ghosts, strange sounds

21. Acopalypse : Prophecies and Events

Extensive compilation of the most important prophecies of history .Signals proclaim the...

Owner: sosa

Listed in: Personal

Tags: prophecies, prophets, earthquakes, acopalypse

22. About acne treatment, and method prevents pimples.

About acne treatment, and method prevents pimples.

Owner: pandawa5

Listed in: Health

Tags: acne treatment, acne care, acne scar, acne control

23. Power of the Tongue

Promoting Empowerment, Indie Music, Community, Awareness, and Motivation.

Owner: whenwespeaktv

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: tv, movies, empowerment, social

24. Mummy Fever

Mummy Fever is about positivity and inspiring others on all topics from business to...

Owner: MummyFever

Listed in: Family

Tags: mummy, fever, baby, review

25. Your-Lisbon-Guide

VIP Private Lisbon tour guide posts about Lisbon My Tours

Owner: YourLisbonGuide

Listed in: Travel

Tags: Lisbon, Portugal, tips, travel

26. Internet Business Events

by attending an internet business, internet marketers can keep up to date with new...

Owner: oub4m4

Listed in: Business

Tags: internet business, internet marketers, strategies, tactics, money online

27. Saltatio Events

Events, Networking, music, dancing

Owner: Sander_Noppeneij

Listed in: Entertainment

28. Catering events in Houston

Catering events in Houston is home for the world cuisine experts and will continue to...

Owner: sofiaprincess15

Listed in: Business

Tags: business ideas

29. enjoying wonderful world

this is about whatever that gets into my mind . .my thoughts, poems, quotes. music,...

Owner: MYRNZ

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Music, Movies, Travel, Entertainment

30. Pretty Wicked

To describe how great something is To show aggravation To show frustration To show...

Owner: Nix_Rueda

Listed in: Fashion

Tags: fashion, love, lifestyle, party