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1. Exercise & Coffee Review

Exercise and Coffee Review is a random fitness review blog with the occasional rambling.

Owner: coffeeramblings

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Tags: workout reviews, coffee, fitness, ramblings

2. free yoga exercise

Learn free yoga tips at home no teacher is required - Do yoga for healthy life. Yoga is...

Owner: bscit320

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Tags: yoga, meditation, weight loss tip, deiting food, relax sleep

3. LovingFit

LovingFit.com is a modern and creative approach to fitness, working out and nutrition....

Owner: lovingfit

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Tags: workout, fitness, bodyweight exercises, nutrition

5. One More Dress Size

Following a beautiful full figured woman and her friends as they attempt to stay...

Owner: MissHam2001

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Tags: Weight, Keyona Ham, Zumba Fitness, Curves

6. Exercise Prescription in Patients with Osteoporosis

Most types of activity programs are preferable to a sedentary lifestyle for patients...

Owner: ActivePhysicalTherapy

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Tags: Tips of Exercises Activities

7. Exercise For Six Pack Abs Easily At Home

An Exercise for Six Pack Abs is very easy and and we can have a very quick result for...

Owner: getanews

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Tags: six pack exercise at home, exercise for six pack abs, six pack abs exercise, get a news

8. One Pound Ago

Low carb and healthy living lifestyle. Tips on eating and exercising

Owner: wm8c

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Tags: running, low carb, weight loss, type II diabetes

9. BodyConpt

Women fitness classes and nutritional therapy from BodyCon help mums of all ages stay...

Owner: sophiasmith

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Tags: post, london

10. Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise

Are you tired of working out but not seeing any results? Don’t worry! These dietary...

Owner: nutribolism

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Tags: PhenQ Real Customer Reviews, Instant knockout Side Effects, Instant Knockout Results, Hunter Burn vs Instant Knockout

11. health-track

how can you save your health and what are the best ways to get healthy life

Owner: ahmedfito

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Tags: Nutrition, Beauty, Fitness, Supplements

12. Need2behealthy

My Journey on becoming Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally Healthy

Owner: Needtwo_Behealthy

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Tags: Low Carb, Fibromyalgia, FLD, Weight Loss

13. Need 2 behealthy

My Journey on Becoming healthy! To include Phsyically, Emotionally, and Mentally.

Owner: Needtwo_Behealthy

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Tags: Low Carb, Fibromyalgia, FLD, Weight Loss

14. A journey to LIFE

A diary of a fat girl (temporarily) in her quest to win her health and her life back,...

Owner: Ajourneytolife

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Tags: live healthy, lose weight, weight loss, diet

15. Kegal Exercises Men's Blog

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Kegel Exercises Men Can Do

Owner: Jermaine

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Tags: kegel exercises men

17. facial exercise

are you searching for how to lose weight in your face in 2017,take look and choose the...

Owner: mohammed5

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Tags: how to lose weight in your face, How to lose fat in your face Easily, 17 ways to lose weight in your face

18. facial exercise

on the off chance that you are thin but have fat in your face and you are searching for...

Owner: mohammed5

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Tags: how to lose weight in your face, face fat, slimming face

20. Healthy Ambitions

A weblog with lots of useful information and tools to help everyone to lead a healthier...

Owner: Chris_Clayton

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Tags: healthy eating, fitness, nutrition, Keeping fit

21. Healthy Living

Join me as I commit to be fit. Healthy living tips.

Owner: Beavers

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Tags: healthy, healthy recipes, recipes, healthy benefits

22. How To Physical Exercise

How To Physical Exercise - Collections of sources, Documentations, Journals, Tutorials,...

Owner: FrankMorissey

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Tags: health Tips & Trick, Physical Exercise Tutorials, Physical Exercise motivated, Physical Exercise Documentations, Physical Exercise sources

23. Health and Sleep

Health, Sleep insomnia problems, stress and the effective cure to these problems by...

Owner: healthnsleep

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Tags: health, sleep, foods, diet

24. Healthmac

A blog about health,fitness,diet,exercise,body balance,weight loss,weight...

Owner: diwalidhamaka

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Tags: Health, Fitness, yoga, pitale

25. Fitnezz.net

Blog about how to move your ass!

Owner: fitnezz

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Tags: health, fitness, bodybuilding, recipes

26. fit2balive

Sound Fitness and Nutritional Strategies for a Healthy Lifestyle

Owner: gapage

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Tags: fitness, nutrition, weight loss, health

27. Muscle Momma of 2

Fitness blog written by a professional personal trainer, geared toward moms who are...

Owner: revelrychic

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Tags: fitness, nutrition, diet, workouts

28. Fitness and Exercise Zone

Fitness and Exercise Zone features a range of muscle and fitness tips, spiritual...

Owner: Casey

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Tags: fitness, health, spiritual well-being, recipes

29. King Fitness Solutions

A fitness & rehab blog for anyone. King Fitness Solutions started as a supplemental...

Owner: SKingPT

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Tags: Fitness, Health, Rehab, Physical Therapy

30. Happy and Healthy Me

A personal blog where I share tips on healthy,happy and wealthy living.

Owner: joysebiz

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Tags: fitness, wealth, relationship, food