Faith Blogs

1. Rose Vignettes

Rose Vignettes is really just my place in the world to journal about my faith, craft...

Owner: RoseVignettes

Listed in: Home & Garden

Tags: books, entertaining, cooking, decorating

2. Karen Dawkins

My faith-based blog encourages others to experience joy-filled living at home, with...

Owner: kadawkins

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Christian, kids, love, encourage

3. EphesiansFour12

Pursuing a passion for the LORD, the LOST, LIFE and LEADERSHIP!

Owner: EphesiansFour12

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Christianity, life, leadership, equip

4. Shockingly Domestic

Country girl meets the city! A blog about cooking, craftiness, frugal living, faith,...

Owner: shockinglydomestic

Listed in: Family

Tags: yummy, children, frugal, marriage

5. DeliLiving

Thoughts on life, faith and writing.

Owner: Deli

Listed in: Personal

Tags: writing, Bohol, Butuan, Thailand

6. Learning to Trust

go to God where trust originates... Learning to trust God; learning to trust others;...

Owner: dbicksllc

Listed in: Religion

Tags: trust, marriage, life struggles, inspiration

7. Prinsesa

Personal Blog, Lifestyle, Faith

Owner: sacurativo

Listed in: Personal

Tags: travel, food, personal, lifestyle

8. 11 On My Own

Large, Catholic, family living with eleven kids and 1 Mom. Faith is everything to us.

Owner: 11onmyown

Listed in: Family

Tags: single-parenting, Catholic, large-family, low-income

9. Almighty Child

Has Satan found a safe haven in the church?

Owner: dbicksllc

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Satan, church, inspirational, evil

10. Journey

A Journey from personal, marital & ministry ruin to renewal.

Owner: Bob_N_Shawn_Groves

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Renewal, Hope, Marriage

11. Grace Notes for Me

Everyday life experiences. Trying to see through the eyes of God's grace.

Owner: reesewalley

Listed in: Personal

Tags: religion, family, book reviews

12. Nature's Eye

Inspirational and Job search

Owner: Naomi

Listed in: Personal

Tags: relationship, family, life, love

13. The WiC Project

The WiC Project is a faith-based blog that features inspirational stories, honest...

Owner: Miriam

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: product reviews, recipes, giveaways

14. Faith Brewings

Challenging thoughts on faith, life, and culture. Authentic faith for our time.

Owner: willratliff

Listed in: Religion

Tags: prayers for strength, spiritual warfare, marriage quesitons, prayers for healing

15. Lessons on effective prayer life

Learn how to pray effectively and powerfully and how to receive answers.

Owner: samkadya

Listed in: Religion

Tags: prayer, answers to prayeer, trust


Poetry and detailed guts of poetry.

Owner: ronnielowry

Listed in: Literature

Tags: poets pw magazine writers digest, poet, writer, magazine, literary

17. Sheridan

Articles, interviews and talks on life, faith and contemporary spirituality. The home...

Owner: SheridanVoysey

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Meaning, Spirituality, Christianity, Radio

18. I Am Kelly

A blog about my life as a student, wife, and traveler.

Owner: kbanderson13

Listed in: Personal

Tags: marriage, college life, photography, travel


Get motivated,get inspired,learn to be nothing but yourself as you impress...

Owner: lydiaofficial

Listed in: Personal

Tags: love, fear, writing, life

20. Light Book - Your Way to Light and Faith

Light Book - Your Way to Light and Faith Light Book offers a variety of Christian and...

Owner: lightbook

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Light, Book. Light and Faith, Christian. Bible., Bible verses. hymns, prayer, Jesus, God, Holy, spirit

21. Sentimientos

A covert refuge where my thoughts ensconce without any resistance.

Owner: coolrachit08

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Life, Musings, Poetry

22. Mike Henry Sr.

Thoughts on leadership and life by Mike Henry Sr.

Owner: mikehenrysr

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Leadership, Lead Change, Christianity, Change

23. Journey of faith

This is journey towards an indescribable Destination promised by Christ Jesus. Here you...

Owner: Shushant_Mojumdar

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Journey, Diary, Struggle, God

24. Faith By Hearing

Christian religion, praying and post prayer requests, we will pray for you anytime for...

Owner: searchfreeek

Listed in: Religion

Tags: jesus, Prayers, christian, bible, god

25. Motivate Yourself By Yourself

Motivation and inspiration are the fuel for a great progress in someone's life....

Owner: Motivyou

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Inspiration, Motivation, Dreams, Success

26. Thinking Faith Cafe

Welcome to the Thinking Faith Cafe, a place for some musings on successfully navigating...

Owner: ChuckS65

Listed in: Religion

Tags: inspiration, growth, life

27. Sumber Inspirasi Ku

faith, hope, and love

Owner: Desy_Riani_Wulandari

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: hope, love, motivation, inspiration

28. Choosing Love

Letting go of heartache and pain while learning to dance in the rain. Frequent topics...

Owner: ChoosingLove

Listed in: Photo Blog

Tags: Homeschool, Photography, Hope, Christian

29. TWIT (that's what i thought)

Expression of simple thoughts of a parent named, Gil Camporazo for inspiration and...

Owner: gil

Listed in: Family

Tags: family, thanksgiving, religion, prayer

30. Splashes of Joy

Live, Laugh, Love

Owner: Pam_Kelly_Moore

Listed in: Family

Tags: family, pets, Michigan