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1. Shubham Ramdeo Official

To learn programming from zero, awesome do it yourself projects and great articles...

Owner: ramdeoshubham

Listed in: Computers

Tags: technology, life, society, science

2. Want To Serve Humanity? Look For A Career In Medical Technology!

With all the technological advancements, there is very less left that medical science...

Owner: acecareer

Listed in: Technology

Tags: Medical Technology Courses in New Y

3. Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes Quotes about #Life ...

Owner: husnainrasheed

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: life, quotes, heart, husnainrasheed

4. Brown Penny

My blog is a compilation of my thoughts, in the crudest way I feel them. I try to write...

Owner: Akriti_Bahal

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Life, Nature, Happiness, Love

5. Anak Bangsa

staring at the sun at the foot of the horizon with hope

Owner: anakbangsa

Listed in: Society

Tags: child right, law, charity for humanity, environment

6. pisangkipas blog

a running blog for the new running world

Owner: zackemoon

Listed in: Academics

Tags: disease, knowledge

7. नास्तिक The Atheist

ईश्वर नाम के झूठ को इतना प्रचारित...

Owner: SanjayGrover

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: atheism, god, logic, reality