Humour Blogs

1. yumblog


Owner: yumblog

Listed in: Food & Drink

Tags: food, recipes, humor, satire

2. A Shimmering of Northern Light

Northern Light: a voice calling out from the north of England. A voice with stories and...

Owner: Antony_Waller

Listed in: Travel

Tags: writing, fiction, stories, articles

3. Universal Gibberish

A blog about anything - randomness

Owner: Anna_Smith

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Weird, Quirky

4. The1970sDiet

I was born in 1973 and was never fat as a child. In the 1970's we had 3 meals a...

Owner: the1970sdiet

Listed in: Health

Tags: weight loss, 1970's, diet

5. Ramblings of a Twenty- Something

I'm a student who likes to write about just about everything that comes into my...

Owner: mart01

Listed in: Personal

Tags: University, Young Adult, Life

6. Delhi Diary

A daily look, through foreign eyes, at life in India's capital city. Politics,...

Owner: Christine

Listed in: Travel

Tags: travel, India, politics, Bollywoo

7. Burb's Buck & Buntline Inn

Virtual Social Commentary lounge where Cocktail Hour is every hour and where the drinks...

Owner: MsBurb

Listed in: Society

Tags: Social Commentary, Cocktail Lounge, Current Events, Insight


My blog is a confession about thoughts and about the Amazing Attire's of my Heart..

Owner: Sandip_Talukdar

Listed in: Personal

Tags: poetry, Love, Article, Confession

9. CrazyClub.In promises to provide news faster than ever. brings you daily...

Owner: CrazyClub

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: News Updates, Entetainment, Funny Videos, Bollywood Movies

10. Stirring Trouble Internationally

Stirring Trouble Internationally - A Humorous Take On News And Current Affairs provides...

Owner: AlexanderNekrassov

Listed in: Humor

Tags: news, humor, current affairs, funny

11. Blogaga

Mystery, conspiracy and humour. Paranormal news Free your mind!

Owner: rovali

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: Mystery, news, gaga, paranormal

12. Medical Humour

The largest collection of medical humour, jokes, funny quotes, interesting medical...

Owner: indrajitrana

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Medical, Humor, Joke, Quote, Funny

13. Journeys Into The Night

Random musings about life and all its wonderful and mundane, painful, joyful and funny...

Owner: Nancoo

Listed in: Personal

Tags: life, sex & relationships, poetry, love

14. clancy tucker's blog

Eclectic daily blog, including interviews with a variety of people around the world,...

Owner: ceetee

Listed in: Literature

Tags: interviews, photography, human rights, historical facts

15. Excogitate The Life

A Blog About Various Websites, labels and useful informations

Owner: Juhi_Thakur

Listed in: Internet

Tags: Internet, Twitter, Design, Music

16. I'm Sorry You Haven't A Clue

A column which tries to find an interesting angle on what people do with their lives....

Owner: samsa

Listed in: Society

Tags: women/men, art, fears, ideas

17. Kusimpan

Blog tentang trik dan tips seo, blog, download lagu lengkap, cerita unik, lucu dan...

Owner: surury

Listed in: Humor

Tags: unik & aneh, tips blog, tips seo, windows

18. RJR Daydreamer

Blogging about life the universe and everything

Owner: RJRDaydreamer

Listed in: Personal

Tags: muse, daydream, life, fun

19. i hate working in retail

My life in retail and my quest to find out who really us the worst retailer on the planet

Owner: themysteryshopper

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Lifestyle, Job, Fun, Retail


This dyed in the wool Geordie carries fond memories from the grimy back streets of...

Owner: mecannylad

Listed in: Humor

Tags: funny, nostalgia, witty, flippant

21. Arts+Humour

Humour, musique, cinéma,blagues, célébrités,autres...

Owner: Yvon_Clment

Listed in: Humor

Tags: blague, musique, célébrité, cinéma

22. The UnOfficial Version

A collection of posts some humorous, some sad and some outright cynical. A not so...

Owner: Manoj

Listed in: Humor

Tags: humor, life, small comic paragraphs, best humor blog

23. Droles de Videos

Voici les plus drôles vidéos sur la planète web!

Owner: Sylvain_Foucault

Listed in: Humor

Tags: drole, video, comic, fail

24. Not Cricket

Irreverent, funny, serious but above all trying to put forward a different viewpoint to...

Owner: namya

Listed in: Sports

Tags: Cricket, Tennis, Tendulkar, Federer

25. Live & Dictate

A blog about personal whims, daily events and frequent beauty product reviews.

Owner: Kira

Listed in: Personal

Tags: beauty, skincare, makeup, rants

26. Theoretical Structural Archaeology

An archaeologists view of the lost world of ancient timber buildings. Far reaching...

Owner: Geoff

Listed in: Science

Tags: Archaeology, Architecture, Timber Building, History