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1. Infographix Directory

The Infographix Directory is a collection of data visualization and infographics from...

Owner: infographixdir

Listed in: Internet

Tags: infographics, data visualizations, design, illustration

2. Book Self-Published [Infographic]

Getting your book a name in self-publishing industry is your smartest decision to...

Owner: Don_Harold

Listed in: Marketing

Tags: Book self published, BookWhirl,, Self-Publishing Services

3. Money Infographics

Personal Finance blog all about Ingfographics

Owner: moneyinfographics

Listed in: Finance

Tags: Finance, money, infographics

4. [Infographic]

To publish an e-book can be challenging yet interesting. To sell an e-book is critical.

Owner: Don_Harold

Listed in: Business

Tags: Self-publishing services,, BookWhirl, Publish and Sell your E-book

5. Infographic Search

Infographics blog which automatically collects images from the web, it extracts text...

Owner: rockvider83

Listed in: Internet

Tags: infographics, search, data visualizatoin

6. Infographic

Infographic, Info-graphic

Owner: Thornton

Listed in: Business

7. Newsilike

All About Infographics

Owner: Newsilike

Listed in: Arts

Tags: Photography, Graphics, Arts, Design