Japan Blogs

1. Japanese Rule of 7

Knowledge for your brain about Japan.

Owner: JapaneseRuleof7

Listed in: Travel

Tags: learn Japanese, work in Japan, life in Japan, teach English

2. 2 old 4 anime?

You are really never 2 old 4 anime (or anything you enjoy). I spend my days reading...

Owner: bluedrakon

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: anime, manga, cosplay, figures

3. Teach Yourself Japanese

Follow the misadventures of missing American Eddie Trombone as described in his...

Owner: Eddiet

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Japanese, satire

4. saderach

Asian Drama, news, soundtrack, music, social network, Etc

Owner: Saderach_Agung_Muliawan

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: Asian Drama, korea, Soundtrack, Mp3

5. Loli-Pop STATION

Loli-Pop Station (ロリーポップSTATION) is a webradio focused on Japanese music...

Owner: lolipopstation

Listed in: Music

Tags: Visual Kei, J-Rock, Anime, Radio

6. Bighead and Muffin

A blog about my musings on life, fashion and technology. Very kawaii oriented!

Owner: chrissetsuko

Listed in: Fashion

Tags: kawaii, cute, hair, fashion

7. Website Making of Kozue

The satellite blog of Tokyo Direct Guide written by Kozue. Travel info of Japan, how to...

Owner: Kozue

Listed in: Travel

Tags: tokyo, culture, web, beginner

8. Japan X Japan

anything about japanese matter...

Owner: akirakun

Listed in: Society

Tags: culture, urban, pop, modern

9. japan2daydiet


Owner: japan2daydiet

Listed in: Health

Tags: japan2daydiet

10. Akiranosekai

blog abou Japanese Entertainment in Indonesian Language

Owner: udinkun

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: jpop, jrock, entertainment, celebrity

11. AccessJ.com

Insider tips for working in and visiting Japan.

Owner: AccessJ

Listed in: Travel

Tags: Japanese, Anime, Ex-pat, Gaijin

12. Ambivalence, or is it ambiguity?

The most ambiguous and of course, best anime blog out there.

Owner: Valence

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: Anime, Editorial, Manga, Gaming

13. Voices from a Japanese old boy

Diary and introduction of various Japanese stuff from a middle-aged Japanese

Owner: japankazu

Listed in: Travel

Tags: Japanese, Travel, Onsen, Ryokan

14. Diary Dunia

Berbagai Macam Keunikan di dunia

Owner: Ay_Lan

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: Unique, China Girls, Natural, The World

15. akiranosekai

about japanese entertainment

Owner: akirakun

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: pop, music, rock, entertainment

16. great goods

just a blog

Owner: trouble10086

Listed in: Lifestyle

17. Blake Islington in Japan

The name is Blake Islington, a 20 something tea drinker from the United Kingdom. I...

Owner: toxicmog

Listed in: Travel

Tags: Alt, Interac, Blake, Islington

18. Japan Anime Wallpaper

Welcome to JapanAnimeWallpaper.Com Anime and manga wallpapers, video game desktop...

Owner: newcarsshow

Listed in: Arts

Tags: anime wallpaper, japan anime, wallpaper anime, hd anime wallpaper, animation wallpaper

19. Japanese Cuisines

Japanese dishes are famous throughout the world for their delicious taste. There are...

Owner: universalpositon02

Listed in: Food & Drink

20. The Memories of Everyday

London from Hong Kong via Japan. Life experience as a boarder and a Londoner.

Owner: konayutin

Listed in: Travel

Tags: London, Hong Kong, Travel, Study Abroad

21. Japanese Embassy London - "Monitoring" - Economic National Security - Biggest...

Japanese Embassy London - "Monitoring" - Economic National Security - Biggest...

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Business

Tags: Japanese Embassy London - "Monitori

22. 2 day diet japan lingzhi pills

2 Day Det Ling Zhi http://www.2days-diet.com/ well worth the energy

Owner: ghjmfdrw

Listed in: Health

Tags: 2 day diet

23. Scripophily JP

Selling and buying collectible Japanese stock and bond certificates.

Owner: scripophilyjp

Listed in: Shopping

Tags: scripophily, stock, bond

24. Scripophily JPN

Selling and buying collectible Japanese stock and bond certificates.

Owner: scripophilyjp

Listed in: Shopping

Tags: scripophily, stock, bond

25. twodayjapan

http://www.2daydiet-buy.com/ 2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi® Diet Pills-Enjoy Effective...

Owner: twodayjapan

Listed in: Health