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1. End Time Delusions

Exposes Satan's End Time Strategy

Owner: sangrin

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Tags: Religion, Society, Church, Christian

2. Worship To Jesus

Worship song,Christian radio,hillsing

Owner: Jimz_Dumalay

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Tags: Worship, Christian, Hilsong, CBN radio, CBN TV

4. Progressive Social Commentary | Jesus is My Buddy

It is about living an American life, observing what is going around that life, and a...

Owner: bogsider

Listed in: Politics

Tags: politics, progressive, observation, fox, right wing

5. Jesus Macho Man

Macho Man Randy Savage -- one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time -- died today in a...

Owner: Acenk85

Listed in: Arts

Tags: Macho, Macho Man, Macho Man Randy, Florida, Macho Man Randy Savage

6. Faith By Hearing

Christian religion, praying and post prayer requests, we will pray for you anytime for...

Owner: searchfreeek

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Tags: Prayers, christian, bible, god

7. crossiny trackers

who is jesus to me

Owner: rockmoriz

Listed in: Personal

Tags: pick up lines

8. Holy Spirit

To win souls For Christ

Owner: vbalraj

Listed in: Religion

Tags: mary, holy spirit, god, haleluy

9. Sou Cristão

Anunciando a Volta do Senhor Jesus e Denunciando os Planos de Satanás Para a...

Owner: toppwap

Listed in: Religion

Tags: illuminati, apocalipse, nova ordem mundial, fim do mundo

10. Thank you Jesus Site News Bolg

A unique Christian News Blog for great useful information and resources online.

Owner: pro2000

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Tags: helpful, Christian, Information, News

11. Amenamen

CO. Blog NO Artificial Light or Love added

Owner: bmaddigan

Listed in: Fashion

Tags: God, Christian, Clothing, Fashion

12. End Time Deception

Learn more about End Time Prophecies.

Owner: entheros

Listed in: Religion

Tags: deception, endtime, church, 666

13. perceived

Memoi les percievings..:-)

Owner: frozendreamz

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: daily, perceivings

14. Follower of Jesus

The journey of getting to know who God is without being in the institutional church.

Owner: 1hulkman

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Church, Relationship, Christ, Knowing God

15. DeanRoberts.Net

The meditations and contemplations of a worshiping Welshman

Owner: deanrobertsnet

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Tags: christianity, theology, current affairs, religion

16. The Autopsy Report on Jesus Christ

Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken,

Owner: Randy_Jones

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Christ, death, grave, life


Imagenes de Jesus con Frases: Imagenes Cristianas de Amor , bonitas imagenes de Jesus...

Owner: Gian

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: imagenes cristianas, imagenes cristianas de amor, frases cristianas de amor, imagenes cristianas con frases, citas biblicas con amor

18. Good Friday 2014

Good Friday will be celebrated on 18th April 2014 and on this occasion we are sharing...

Owner: tmukherjee71

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Good Friday 2014, Easter, Crucifixion, Christianity

19. Divine Thunder

Like the Psalmists of old, my purpose in this blog is to bear witness to the many...

Owner: Mcals

Listed in: Religion

Tags: God, spiritual, Love, Soul

20. My life in jesus footsteps

GOD come down to me and talked in year 2000 and HE changed my life. I was on my way to...

Owner: Virginius

Listed in: Religion


21. He Said What, To Jesus?

Many people throughout time or at least since the ministry of Christ have claimed to...

Owner: readrand

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Tags: God, Christianity, love, people

22. Cedrick Dejesus

Cedrick Dejesus is an aspiring fashion and lifestyle, food, travel, tech blogger. But...

Owner: cedrickdejesus

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Technology

23. Cedrick Dejesus

I'm a fashion, lifestyle, food, travel and tech blogger from Manila, Philippines....

Owner: cedrickdejesus

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Tags: Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Technology

24. Contos Biblicos

Palavra de Deus. Ensinamentos de Jesus Cristo. Músicas e videos gospel.

Owner: jogui10

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Deus, Cristianismo, Music, Gospel

25. Blog Evangelizando

Orar e Sacrifica-se pela Evangelização nos lugares mais distantes que ainda...

Owner: iuryalbino

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Cristianismo, Formações, Deus, Evangelho

26. Corpus Christi 2016 FB Cover Timeline Images Pics

Corpus Christi 2016 FB Cover Timeline Images Pics

Owner: johndanialsmith

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Corpuschristi, Corpuschristi2016, Quotes, Poems

27. Christian Music and Lyrics Online

Sing and Listen to a Collection of Christian Music Online and Praise the...

Owner: mgpelobello

Listed in: Music

Tags: christian music, lyrics, God, Praise

28. C. Michael Gambrell

C. Michael Gambrell is a blog specializing in the reformed theology. Come by for a...

Owner: Chris_Gambrell

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Christian, Reformed, Poetry, Salvation

29. Apostolic Christian Blog

This Site will share the best Bible related News and Information online.

Owner: pro2000

Listed in: Religion

Tags: christian, information, inspirations, biblical

30. C. Michael Gambrell

It is my intention to write about and share all things related to the Christian...

Owner: Chris_Gambrell

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Tags: Christian, faith, Poetry, Salvation