Libertarian Blogs

1. The Freedom Bunker

Reporting on current news and events from a Libertarian, Tea Party or Conservative...

Owner: thinkfuture

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Tags: tea party, conservative, news, current events

2. Inside Ben's Brain

Libertarian news and politics blog

Owner: benny215

Listed in: Politics

Tags: politics, news, linux

3. Daryl Petersen: Freedom without any ifs, ands, or buts

Libertarian political blog commenting on philosophy and current events.

Owner: dpetersen04

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Tags: politics, government, republicans, democrats

4. The Libertarian Liquidationist

Practicing praxeology. Propagating private property and public prosperity.

Owner: KeimgMeg

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Austrian Economics, Rothbard, Mises, Ron Paul

5. Malpoet's Weblog

The musings of a libertarian, atheist poet. Advocating small government, low taxes and...

Owner: Malpoet

Listed in: Politics

Tags: atheist, poet, politics, philosophy

6. Libertys Bread Box

Libertarian view point with a humorous slant.

Owner: bredbaker

Listed in: Politics

7. The Individualist Feminist

Current events in a libertarian and feminist perspective. Limited government furthers...

Owner: theindividualistfeminist

Listed in: Politics

Tags: feminism, current events, politics, individualist

8. HarvestMoon News

Fringe politics and conspiracy.

Owner: HMNweb

Listed in: Politics

Tags: conspiracy theory, news, political, activism