Meditation Blogs

1. Art, Light, and The Lord

Here are the thoughts and images of one who aims humbly for that one treasure known as...

Owner: Nicholas_Cloister

Listed in: Religion

Tags: spirituality, metaphysics, mindfulness, art

2. Bronzi's 24 Hour Wealth

Be inspired and motivated. Learn self improvement and personal development. Improve...

Owner: bmshepp

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: inspiration, personal development, self improvement, self esteem

3. Your Life Creation - Self Development, Law of Attraction, Meditation

The purpose of the site is to help people to find their real passion within, their way...

Owner: yourlif2

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: your life creation, law of attraction, self development, success

4. Wealth and Wellness

Blog contains health and lifestyle articles, natural remedies, beauty tips and reviews.

Owner: Jeevan

Listed in: Health

Tags: yoga, weightloss, naturalbremedies, skincare

5. free yoga exercise

Learn free yoga tips at home no teacher is required - Do yoga for healthy life. Yoga is...

Owner: bscit320

Listed in: Health

Tags: yoga, weight loss tip, deiting food, relax sleep

6. The Holistic Route Magazine

At The Holistic Route Magazine we talk about everything related to holistic remedies,...

Owner: kzrazib

Listed in: Health

Tags: Wellness, Holistic Remedies, CBD, Hemp

7. Money and Mind

How to make your life excited and happy. Life is not only for passing time but it...

Owner: bsbhupendra771

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: wealth, millionaire, self improvement, spiritual growth

8. The Teachings of Tony Samara

With the guidance of Tony Samara, discover a path of profound transformation, evolution...

Owner: tonysamara

Listed in: Personal

Tags: spirituality, environment, peace, love

9. Photos HD

Inspiring photos from around the world

Owner: kedar27

Listed in: Photo Blog

Tags: photography, landscapes, fine art photography, inspiration

10. Contemplative, Expressive and Imaginative Arts

The blog offers information about alternative and complementary therapies, visual arts,...

Owner: hypnosisyoga

Listed in: Health

Tags: mindfulness, yoga, hypnosis, drumming

11. Contemplative, Expressive And Imaginative Arts

The blog offers information about alternative therapies, visual, contemplative,...

Owner: mindfulhypnotist

Listed in: Health

Tags: mindfulness, hypnosis, psychology, arts

12. Power of Mind

Blog about Mind Power, Quantum Healing and Yoga.

Owner: Jeevan

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Mind Power, Yoga, Quantum Healling, Remote Influencing

13. Meditation and Relaxation

The Latest Free Meditation and Relaxation Downloads. Inspirational Quotes sent to your...

Owner: Mike_Evans

Listed in: Health

Tags: Meditations, Meditation Techniques

14. The Ultimate Stress Blog | Stress Advice and More

Life changing stress advice and all things stress management related. Powered by expert...

Owner: tomvondeck

Listed in: Health

Tags: stress, stress management, stress advice, yoga

15. The Science of Meditation

Meditation holds the key to greater joy in life and wellness. My blog is about...

Owner: donny

Listed in: Health

Tags: Relaxation, Stress, mind machine, concentration

16. Laxman Mind Machine

The blog is about the Laxman light and Sound technology. Neurotronics produce stress...

Owner: donny

Listed in: Health

Tags: Relaxation, Stress, mind machine, concentration

17. Mind Machine

The blog is about mind machines. Neurotronics produce stress management equipment and...

Owner: donny

Listed in: Health

Tags: Relaxation, Stress, mind machine, concentration

18. Ereadstar

Everything on Astrology, Meditation, Ayurveda including mantras for wealth, health and...

Owner: Neel_Ananda

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Mantras, Astrology, Vedanta


Self Help blog

Owner: sourav9774

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Inspiration, Quotes, Love, God

20. spiritual super power

miracle performed by swami ji, meditation masters, meditation guru, what is meditation,...

Owner: bloglog1008

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Aura power, Aura Science, Spiritual power, Mantra Science

21. Insanity and Other Gods & Monsters

The gods of ancient mythology weren't false gods. They represented the many...

Owner: PaulaHouseman

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: Insanity, Monsters, Words, Darkness

22. Hypnosis Review Quarterly

Hypnosis Review Quarterly has an extensive article base along with numerous studies in...

Owner: yomutra

Listed in: Health

Tags: hypnosis, yoga, nlp, weight loss

23. Intimacy With Fear

About emotional and financial transformation. Transforming porn addiction, social...

Owner: intimacywithfear

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: eft, addiction, social anxiety, porn addiction

24. Food Meditations

The Gourmet Observer on Healthy Eating, Food Trends and Culinary News from around the...

Owner: ockstyle

Listed in: Food & Drink

Tags: cooking, nutrition, photography, travel, trend

25. How Meditation can make the writing process so much easier!

Meditation and writing can seem very strange when used in the same sentence. And from a...

Owner: larsmitten

Listed in: Marketing

Tags: Book Venture,, book marketing services, Marketing a book, Meditation can make the writing

26. Biblical Meditations

Thoughts about God and the relationship between God and man.

Owner: Samuel_Inbaraja

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Bible, Christian, Meditations

27. What Type of Meditation can Work for You?

Like everyone, your first venture into meditation may come through meditation CDs which...

Owner: katejensen

Listed in: Health

Tags: be enchanted, mantra meditation, meditation cd, spiritual meditation, types of meditation

28. The Advantages of a Hatha Yoga Practice | Yoga Studio

Hatha yoga works to relax the mind, soul and body. This ancient exercise is very...

Owner: yogaroomstudio

Listed in: Health

Tags: Ashtanga Yoga Bruxelles, Yoga Brussels, Bikram Yoga, Hatha Yoga

29. Personal meditation

How to meditate, what is meditation? Is it for all religions? This blog aims to answer...

Owner: Paul_Markus

Listed in: Religion