Opinion Blogs

1. The Cheers

Online magazine The Cheers has been in business since 2004. Step in to read articles on...

Owner: mediacurse

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: entertainment, politics, money

2. AC Milan News-Match Previews,Reviews,Transfers,Opinions

AC Milan News is a fan site with news, match previews and reviews, transfers,...

Owner: burimi

Listed in: Sports

Tags: AC Milan, AC Milan News, Milan News, Soccer, AC Milan Transfers

3. Opiniones sobre alimentación

Un blog de artículos de opinión acerca de temas de actualidad del mundo de la...

Owner: marcrubioc

Listed in: Health

Tags: nutrición, dietética, salud, alimentación

4. Just Call Me Frank

Life bloggers writing about anything and everything. Social media fanatics. Internet...

Owner: JustCallMeFrank

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Mental Health, Entertainment, Writing, Multiple Personality Disorder

5. The Lazy Girls Guide to Life

The Lazy Girl blog is a coffee and confessional style blog, combining humor with...

Owner: Claire_LazyGirl_Curran

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Life, Modern Culture, Parenting, Humor

6. Steveso Thinks

A retired American living in Malaysia shares his views, thought and opinions of a...

Owner: Stephen_Sovie

Listed in: Personal

Tags: ideas, life, personal opinion, thoughts

7. Nine's Blog

Nine's Diaries Blog, Personal, Ubuntu, Photography, Review, Family, Life,...

Owner: Zulkarnain_Shaari

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Witing, Ubuntu, Blogging, Information

8. Day in the Life of a Busy Gal

An eclectic blog of my busy life, writing, working, family, travel, study, opinion and...

Owner: showard

Listed in: Personal

Tags: mental health, writing, travel, study

9. Opinions Are Just That

I have strong opinions and tend to be a little abrasive. I hear, read, see or do things...

Owner: spenc1jl

Listed in: Personal

Tags: opinions, twilight, book, review, movie

10. Avarana

Panama arte cultura musica ciencia filosofia opinion

Owner: Avarana

Listed in: Arts

Tags: Panama, arte, cultura, ciencia

11. The Socratic Ape

The dialectical discourses of a deeply disturbed talking monkey. Care to join me as we...

Owner: SpaceApe

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: philosophy, reason, logic, discussion

12. Raag Desh

Raag Desh is popular weekly column of noted Hindi Journalist Q. W. Naqvi. it touches...

Owner: qwnaqvi

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Current Affairs, Social Issues, Journalism, Media

13. matakami

news entertainment society opinion

Owner: matakami

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: news, entertainment, society, education

14. Mental Emancipation of Self

The blog is about freedom! Being free to say what you want and be who you choose to be.

Owner: Ziyanda_Xaso

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Life, Advice, Love, Philosophy

15. 120x160

Jump into the world of Torontonian freelancer T.T as he talks about his world for all...

Owner: Tom_Truong

Listed in: Society

Tags: pixel art, computers, games, cycling

17. Midnight Musings

A fun and informative space in the blog world to spend some time. I blog about life...

Owner: ToscaSac

Listed in: Society

Tags: Community, Television, Humor, Women

18. la opinion deportiva

seguidores del beisbol cubano

Owner: pepin

Listed in: Sports

Tags: cuba, baseball, beisbol cubano, peloteros, mlb

19. .Ini Blog Ane.

this is my personal blog, contents: idea, opinion, fact, and other writing

Owner: iniblogane

Listed in: Personal

Tags: ide, cultur, tips, trick

20. Adding My 2 Cents

Adding My 2 Cents is about free expression of your opinions. We all have opinions and...

Owner: Keith_Barney

Listed in: Outdoors

Tags: commentary, discussion, point of view

21. Only My Opinion Matters

Only My Opinion Matters is a sports blog written by three guys with guest contributors....

Owner: Drfleming

Listed in: Sports

Tags: SEC, Recruiting, Football, Basketball, Coaching

22. . Informed . Opinions .

Random rants against atheists and other rational people.

Owner: RajaNil

Listed in: Humor

23. Zuprome

Zuprome is a personal blog by Romeo Nicolas that deals with technology, travel and...

Owner: zuprome

Listed in: Society

Tags: cebu, technology, travel, iskolar

24. Semidoppel's Reports

My Personal Online Journal... I Search, I Observe, I Share

Owner: semidoppel

Listed in: Personal

Tags: culture, social, trends, lifestyle

25. The World is Fooked!

An opinionated look at current events and other madness in this fooked-up world.

Owner: SpaceApe

Listed in: Society

Tags: news, current events, entertainment, world

26. The Opinionated Alchemist

The blog is focussed on a independent and opinionated perspective of bars, beverages...

Owner: Dominik_MJ_Schachtsiek

Listed in: Food & Drink

Tags: Cocktails, Beverages, Cigars, opinionated, Spirits

27. MyOpinion

It is more than just a blog that delivers the news but shares opinions about these...

Owner: MyOpinion

Listed in: Personal

28. Roberts Thoughts

I share my thoughts,Political views and on occasion been know to express my religious...

Owner: Robert_Fleming

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Republican, conservative, Christian, news