Opinion Blogs

1. The Cheers

Online magazine The Cheers has been in business since 2004. Step in to read articles on...

Owner: mediacurse

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: entertainment, politics, money

2. Just Call Me Frank

Life bloggers writing about anything and everything. Social media fanatics. Internet...

Owner: JustCallMeFrank

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Mental Health, Entertainment, Writing, Multiple Personality Disorder

3. The Lazy Girls Guide to Life

The Lazy Girl blog is a coffee and confessional style blog, combining humor with...

Owner: Claire_LazyGirl_Curran

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Life, Modern Culture, Parenting, Humor

4. Opiniones sobre alimentación

Un blog de artículos de opinión acerca de temas de actualidad del mundo de la...

Owner: marcrubioc

Listed in: Health

Tags: nutrición, dietética, salud, alimentación

5. Ganar Estatura Opiniones

Este blog es para compartir mi experiencia luego de usar el programa Ganar estatura....

Owner: jans7

Listed in: Health

Tags: ganar estatura, como ser mas alto sin cirugias, alimentos para ganar estatura

6. Steveso Thinks

A retired American living in Malaysia shares his views, thought and opinions of a...

Owner: Stephen_Sovie

Listed in: Personal

Tags: ideas, life, personal opinion, thoughts

7. Nine's Blog

Nine's Diaries Blog, Personal, Ubuntu, Photography, Review, Family, Life,...

Owner: Zulkarnain_Shaari

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Witing, Ubuntu, Blogging, Information

8. Opinions Are Just That

I have strong opinions and tend to be a little abrasive. I hear, read, see or do things...

Owner: spenc1jl

Listed in: Personal

Tags: opinions, twilight, book, review, movie

9. Avarana

Panama arte cultura musica ciencia filosofia opinion

Owner: Avarana

Listed in: Arts

Tags: Panama, arte, cultura, ciencia

10. The Socratic Ape

The dialectical discourses of a deeply disturbed talking monkey. Care to join me as we...

Owner: SpaceApe

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: philosophy, reason, logic, discussion

11. The World is Fooked!

An opinionated look at current events and other madness in this fooked-up world.

Owner: SpaceApe

Listed in: Society

Tags: news, current events, entertainment, world

12. Day in the Life of a Busy Gal

An eclectic blog of my busy life, writing, working, family, travel, study, opinion and...

Owner: showard

Listed in: Personal

Tags: mental health, writing, travel, study

13. Raag Desh

Raag Desh is popular weekly column of noted Hindi Journalist Q. W. Naqvi. it touches...

Owner: qwnaqvi

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Current Affairs, Social Issues, Journalism, Media

14. matakami

news entertainment society opinion

Owner: matakami

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: news, entertainment, society, education

15. AC Milan News-Match Previews,Reviews,Transfers,Opinions

AC Milan News is a fan site with news, match previews and reviews, transfers,...

Owner: burimi

Listed in: Sports

Tags: AC Milan, AC Milan News, Milan News, Soccer, AC Milan Transfers

16. Mental Emancipation of Self

The blog is about freedom! Being free to say what you want and be who you choose to be.

Owner: Ziyanda_Xaso

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Life, Advice, Love, Philosophy

17. 120x160

Jump into the world of Torontonian freelancer T.T as he talks about his world for all...

Owner: Tom_Truong

Listed in: Society

Tags: pixel art, computers, games, cycling

19. Midnight Musings

A fun and informative space in the blog world to spend some time. I blog about life...

Owner: ToscaSac

Listed in: Society

Tags: Community, Television, Humor, Women

20. la opinion deportiva

seguidores del beisbol cubano

Owner: pepin

Listed in: Sports

Tags: cuba, baseball, beisbol cubano, peloteros, mlb

21. .Ini Blog Ane.

this is my personal blog, contents: idea, opinion, fact, and other writing

Owner: iniblogane

Listed in: Personal

Tags: ide, cultur, tips, trick

22. Adding My 2 Cents

Adding My 2 Cents is about free expression of your opinions. We all have opinions and...

Owner: Keith_Barney

Listed in: Outdoors

Tags: commentary, discussion, point of view

23. Only My Opinion Matters

Only My Opinion Matters is a sports blog written by three guys with guest contributors....

Owner: Drfleming

Listed in: Sports

Tags: SEC, Recruiting, Football, Basketball, Coaching

24. . Informed . Opinions .

Random rants against atheists and other rational people.

Owner: RajaNil

Listed in: Humor

25. Zuprome

Zuprome is a personal blog by Romeo Nicolas that deals with technology, travel and...

Owner: zuprome

Listed in: Society

Tags: cebu, technology, travel, iskolar

26. Semidoppel's Reports

My Personal Online Journal... I Search, I Observe, I Share

Owner: semidoppel

Listed in: Personal

Tags: culture, social, trends, lifestyle

27. The Opinionated Alchemist

The blog is focussed on a independent and opinionated perspective of bars, beverages...

Owner: Dominik_MJ_Schachtsiek

Listed in: Food & Drink

Tags: Cocktails, Beverages, Cigars, opinionated, Spirits

28. MyOpinion

It is more than just a blog that delivers the news but shares opinions about these...

Owner: MyOpinion

Listed in: Personal

29. Roberts Thoughts

I share my thoughts,Political views and on occasion been know to express my religious...

Owner: Robert_Fleming

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Republican, conservative, Christian, news