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1. Murdockinations

A writer's blog about writing, life, philosophy, religion and politics.

Owner: jzmurdock

Listed in: Literature

Tags: writing, religion, horror, fiction

2. European Geostrategy

Founded in 2009, European Geostrategy is a blog on the foreign, security and military...

Owner: EuropeanGeostrategy

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Military strategy, Foreign policy, Security policy, Strategy, European Union

3. Dustent The Free Thinker

comment, react, share opinions, social issues, think free...

Owner: Dadhust_Gaspay

Listed in: Politics

Tags: music, religion, information, entertainment

4. Intercontinental oil production development company Davidson Oil Industriсs

The objective of the represented by us oil production development company Davidson Oil...

Owner: Madis45

Listed in: Politics

Tags: word, america`s, business, investment, industry

5. Politics in need of change

My vies and opinions on past and current events.

Owner: rick421

Listed in: Politics

6. شبكة الرباط الاخبارية

أخبار فلسطينية مصرية سعودية عربية مباشر .. وصور...

Owner: Ammar_Khalil

Listed in: Politics

Tags: أخبار, أناشيد, تعليم, نتائج, فيديو

7. Sepucuk Jambi

Seputar Informasi Conceptual Untuk Jambi - Bumi Sepucuk Jambi Sembilan Lurah - Sepucuk...

Owner: ichsanic

Listed in: Politics

Tags: sepucuk jambi, caleg jambi, berita politik jambi, sepucuk jambi sembilan lurah, Pemilukada sepucuk jambi

8. الرأي الحر

مدونة سياسية وأدبية واجتماعة ،عن طريقها احاول...

Owner: Elhoussein_M_Oumar

Listed in: Politics

Tags: سياسية, اجتماعية, ادبية, حقوقية, رأي حر

9. Scacco matto

Entra a far parte della Nostra @pagina Facebook ".. Un Fico Secco!" Aiutaci a...

Owner: Libere_Gosnews

Listed in: Politics

Tags: politica, berlusconi, governo, casta, italia

10. Raag Desh

Raag Desh is popular weekly column of noted Hindi Journalist Q. W. Naqvi. it touches...

Owner: qwnaqvi

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Current Affairs, Social Issues, Journalism, Opinion, Media

11. Pakistan will Respond to US Prospective Attack

US military chief, Admiral Mike Mullen accused the ISI of supporting the Haqqani...

Owner: Roomi

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Pak-US relationship, Admiral Mike M

12. The Box Told Us

We are a philosopher and a know-it-all. We will supply you with all the theory and BS...

Owner: theboxtoldus

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: society, wisdom, knowledge, rants

13. Sta Paraskinia News Magazine

Ειδησεογραφικο Portal με νέα από την Ελλάδα και...

Owner: georgemiliot

Listed in: Politics


14. motella - News, Views and Politics of New Zealand's Motel Industry

Motella is an independent blog that discusses issues of interest to the motel industry....

Owner: Motella

Listed in: Travel

Tags: hotel, motel, customer service, hospitality, traveling

15. creofire

An Infotainment Leisure Portal

Owner: creofire

Listed in: Personal

Tags: movie reviews, popular quotes, open thoughts, infotainment

16. The Talk Show American

Political conservative news, commentary and Radio Show

Owner: talkshowamerica

Listed in: Politics

Tags: america, conservative, republican, news

17. News from Greece

Greek news, we bring honesty back to the Greek media

Owner: agaitanis

Listed in: Politics

Tags: News from Greece, Greek news

18. arabarms

أخبار عسكرية وصفقات العصر والاحداث المختلفة

Owner: iswordplayer

Listed in: Politics

19. Libertys Bread Box

Libertarian view point with a humorous slant.

Owner: bredbaker

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Libertarian

20. Sungai Rapat Online

To Counter the wrong statement from opposition party.

Owner: sungairapatonline

Listed in: Politics

21. Inside Ben's Brain

Libertarian news and politics blog

Owner: benny215

Listed in: Politics

Tags: libertarian, news, linux

22. wikileaks alarabia

Convey to you the word of the event you have completed the image, and publish

Owner: wikileaksalarabia

Listed in: Politics

Tags: News world, events of forbidden, programs, political, the Arab world

23. Otempoquehadevir

Sistem Ekonomi Indonesia, Pemerintahan ,Politik Dan Basis Data

Owner: lelur

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Sistem Ekonomi Indonesia, Sistem Pemerintahan, Sistem Basis Data, Sistem Perekonomian, Sistem Data

24. Sahibzada Muhammad Asif Masood Fareedi

A blog comprising of mostly current political conditions of Pakistan and some other...

Owner: asiffareedi

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Basirpur, Noori, Fareedi

25. my life my journey

This website is a public resource of general information which is intended, but not...

Owner: sciskolar

Listed in: Local

Tags: education, leasure time, tourism, college life

27. KongSauce.net

News & Opinion with a Juicy Twist

Owner: KongSauce

Listed in: Humor

Tags: entertainment, celebrities, humor, news



Owner: Yudi_Sabiq_Imanudin

Listed in: Politics

Tags: DPC, partai amanat nasional, jatinangor, sumedang, yudi imanudin

29. Human Rights Alert

Let's talk about human rights and other related topics to improve democracy, human...

Owner: futurebiz

Listed in: Politics

Tags: human rights, democracy, tolerance, freedom, human rights movement

30. La Santa Mambisa

mi fe en la revolucion cubana y los cubanos de aqui y de alla, vision personal de la...

Owner: Maria_Carla_Gonzlez

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Cuba, Derechos Humanos, Sociedad, Religion, Cultura