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151. aristaonline

Arista Online is the portal site of information, news and shopping that promotes...

Owner: putraarista

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Tags: politic, jakarta, indonesia, law, computer

152. jonatas.com.br

Blog com notícias e artigos sobre economia, política e questões sociais.

Owner: jonatasongs

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Tags: política, economia, sociedade, artigos, notícias

153. O cão que fuma

Um bric-à-brac de atualidade internacional, opiniões, reflexões, humor...

Owner: Pereira

Listed in: Politics

Tags: política, brasil, portugal, aposentados, aerus

154. The Sonic Assault

Just a down to earth brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics, religion and other...

Owner: Brotha_OZone

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: poetry, music

155. A Picturesque Life

I am an amateur photographer, writer, poet. I write about life, environmental...

Owner: MsKathleen

Listed in: Personal

Tags: photography, religion, emptynest, Environmental Stewardship

157. The Filipino Scribe

The Filipino Scribe is a nationally-recognized news and commentary blog. It is managed...

Owner: FilipinoScribe

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Tags: Philippines, Philippine history, Political blogs in Philippines, Political bloggers Philippines

158. Nite Writer

A Personal News Blog containing Philippine politics, news and current events, sports...

Owner: rojan88

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Tags: Philippine politics, Sports, Entertainment, News and Current affairs, Philippines


Amend the 1987 Constitution. Reform the Government. Build a better Philippines.

Owner: Baganingmandaya

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Tags: Philippine Politics, Philippine Government, Philippine Economy, Philippine Culture, Philippine Society


A social issues news review, commentary, and no-holds-barred opinion website; pitches...

Owner: mainbar

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Tags: philippine politics, pay rules, k to 12 curriculum education, celebrity and showbiz, holidays

161. Blabber

I love to blab and here is a platform to vent out with a wider audience.

Owner: hagrawal

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Personal, humor, satire, india

162. FMN Mataram

Blog ini berbicara tentang hak dasar rakyat pendidikan dan lapangan pekerjaan yang...

Owner: FMNMataram

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Tags: Perjuangan Rakyat Indonesia, Hak-Hak Dasar, Mahasiswa, Pendidikan, Lapangan Pekerjaan

163. Periodicos Online

Lectura online de periodicos completos de sudamerica, USA y Europa en español

Owner: jhonnysan

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Tags: periodicos de Guatemala, periodicos de Perú, periodicos de México, periodicos de USA, periodicos de España

164. TheAfricanInquirer

It is about the true philosophy of racism in western culture, and the mind-set needed...

Owner: zulu63

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: people, race relation, africa & africans, african-americans

165. A Netizen's Miscellany

This blog features the ideas and opinions of a common man who doesn't claim...

Owner: PensiveWebizen

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Tags: pensive, webizen, ideas, opinions, common man

167. PemerintahNet

Media Informasi & Kebijakan Pemerintah

Owner: teguhfila

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Tags: pemerintah, cpns, tes cpns, kebijakan, peraturan

168. WEBMODI :Pakistan News:World news:Sports News :Cricket HD Live:Sports HD channels:Live...

Latest News from Pakistan, India,USA,UK,World News.Videos News, best ever videos .Live...

Owner: webmodi

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Tags: Pakistan news, Live cricket HD, Urdu news, sports live channel, India-PAKISTAN

169. e-Pakistan

All times changing political environment of Pakistan.

Owner: a4illusionist

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Tags: Pakistan, PTI, IMRAN KHAN, ISI, Pak Army

170. Paktvtalk

Read what officials, analysts, politicians and specialists have said on talkshows,...

Owner: Ismail

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Tags: pakistan, talkshows, interviews, minutes

171. Pakistan will Respond to US Prospective Attack

US military chief, Admiral Mike Mullen accused the ISI of supporting the Haqqani...

Owner: Roomi

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Tags: Pak-US relationship, Admiral Mike M

172. Doctor Tom's Rant

A senior citizen trying to educate Americans regarding the impending loss of liberties...

Owner: thomasn3606

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Tags: Obama, conservative, freedom, liberal, progressive


Folha de Paranatinga: O Melhor Veículo de Notícias do Brasil

Owner: FolhadePtga

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Tags: Notícias, Jornalismo, Imprensa, Jornal, Matérias

175. NG Newspapers

NG Newspapers offers Nigeria Newspapers Updates from Nigeria News Online, Celebrity...

Owner: newspapers

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Tags: nigeria news, nigeria newspapers, nigeria, nigeria news today, nigeria news online

177. All About Pakistan

Site is related to world affairs, news, politics and Pakistan events.

Owner: kufarooq

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Tags: News,, Pakistan, Beautiful Places, People

178. My Pakistan

Site is related to world affairs, news, people and beautiful and amazing places.

Owner: kufarooq

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Tags: News,, Pakistan, Beautiful Places, People

179. wikileaks alarabia

Convey to you the word of the event you have completed the image, and publish

Owner: wikileaksalarabia

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Tags: News world, events of forbidden, programs, political, the Arab world

180. Ademola Ayokanmi

www.ademolaayokanmi.blogspot.com is a platform for insightful news reporting and...

Owner: ademolaayokanmi

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Tags: news reporting and analysis, current affairs, sports, celebrity gist