Programming Blogs

1. Kasun's Blog

This blog has technical details related to software industry

Owner: kasunwg

Listed in: Technology

Tags: web service, WSO2, Java, Linux

2. Artarista

Tutorial Blogger, Tutorial SEO, Programming Computer

Owner: Fais_Ainurrofiq

Listed in: Computers

Tags: Computer, Tutorial Blogging, Internet, Design Graphic

3. Blogfreakz Web Design and Web Development

A site dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends on Web Design and Web Development...

Owner: archaznable

Listed in: Web Design

Tags: Web Design, HTML5, CSS, Web Development

4. Daunt Earl

Content News Programming Themes Travel Culinary Blogger Wordpress Daunt Earl Tour...

Owner: daunt

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: Tour, Travel, Themes, Responsive

5. An All Around Sportsperson

All about me and my favorite activities such as Mountain climbing/hiking, Programming,...

Owner: dhetroz

Listed in: Sports

Tags: Mountain, Motorcycles, Basketball, Gears

6. My Micro Blog - Share Everything I Want To Share

Blog yang berisi cacatan tentang hardware dan software programming, tutorial dan...

Owner: mazbhenks

Listed in: Computers

Tags: hardware, software, technology, electronics

7. .NET Examples

.NET, C#, LINQ, WPF, XAML source code examples, tutorials, tips and tricks

Owner: ybonda

Listed in: Computers

Tags: WPF, .NET, C#, Csharp

8. StudyOverflow.Org

Student Guide - Online Tutorials, Interview question and answers, Projects, Engineering...

Owner: pka246

Listed in: Web Design

Tags: web design,, jQuery, code

9. Return Success

Blog about web development

Owner: Manos_Londos

Listed in: Technology

Tags: web, php, jquery, zend

10. Mobile-Web-App

Learning web development

Owner: ERiKmob

Listed in: Technology

Tags: web, mobile, app, development

11. Ri32 Blog

Blogging For Sharing and Inspiring

Owner: agussm

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Tutorial, Sourcecode, PHPMySQL, Java

12. yusuf karim - Blog Berbagi Informasi

blog yang membahas Tutorial Blog, Bahasa pemograman C++, Java, Dan VRML. Disini juga...

Owner: uchu28

Listed in: Technology

Tags: tips blog, trik komputer, blog seo, artikel

13. Revorma

Internet marketing and web development

Owner: vatih

Listed in: Internet

Tags: SEO, Web Development, Facebook, Twitter

14. fun with programming

Free resource for programmers and designers

Owner: shahidsidd

Listed in: Internet

Tags: SEO, javascript, templates, icons



Owner: Animesh_Shaw

Listed in: Computers


16. Tech Bappa

Techbappa is about programming, technology, tutorials, opensource, sociamedia and many...

Owner: techbappa

Listed in: Technology

Tags: Tutorials, opensource, Usefulwebsites, software

17. Diginks - Programming&Tech Blog

Diginks is a Programming and Tech Blog Admined by Mohammed Rishad VK.This include Tech...

Owner: rishad1992

Listed in: Internet

Tags: Tutorial, Technology

18. Asep Maulana Ismail

Personal blog and some tutorial of programming in indonesian

Owner: maulionaire

Listed in: Computers

Tags: tutorial, asep, maulana, ismail

19. Jerson's Pad

my technology, gadgets, travel, personal blog

Owner: jersonsynergy

Listed in: Personal

Tags: technology, gadgets, travel, computers


Tech, Programming and Life

Owner: Shubham_Takode

Listed in: Technology

Tags: tech, life, codes, projects

21. Code Nirvana

A Tech Blog For Technology Enthusiasts and Programmers | Tech News, Programs in Java,...

Owner: codenirvana

Listed in: Technology

Tags: Java, Coding, Technology, Blogger

22. VirplBlogger

Panduan Lengkap Online Khususnya Programming

Owner: rofipublisher

Listed in: Internet

Tags: hacking, tips dan trik, coding, information

23. Programming Stuff

Sharing programming knowledge

Owner: Nilesh_Viradiya

Listed in: Technology

Tags: dotnet, IDM, SOFTWARE, nilesh viradiya

24. Tutorial VB6 dan VB.Net Indonesia

Media belajar visual basic 6 & bahasa indonesia

Owner: Adithya_Irawan

Listed in: Computers

Tags: computer, desain, vb6,

25. BAC Programming

A place for those programmers who are learning (especially C++). Solve problems through...

Owner: bilalCh213

Listed in: Computers

Tags: C++, Java, Game Development, Education

26. cybervb6

Programming | Visual Basic | PHP HTML / Java Script | C/C++ | Java | Delphi | C# | Vb.Net

Owner: arisbooter

Listed in: Technology

Tags: Visual Basic

27. Darth Continent

I feel a disturbance in my bowels...

Owner: DarthContinent

Listed in: Personal

28. phpzag

phpzag is a programming blog. Tutorials focused on Programming, Jquery, Ajax, PHP,...

Owner: phpzag1

Listed in: Computers

Tags: php tutorials, magento, jquery, php

29. phpflow

php programming blog which is focused on programming problems in php programming , php...

Owner: phpflow

Listed in: Computers

Tags: php tutorials, magento, jquery, mysql

30. Spixup

a blog about php programming and seo

Owner: Solomon_So

Listed in: Internet

Tags: php, seo, spixup, html