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1. Keybot the Quant

Keybot the Quant™ is a statistical arbitrage algorithm, or, more simply, a stock...

Owner: KeystoneSpeculator

Listed in: Business

Tags: algorithm, trading, Keybot, timing

2. Unifying Quantum and Relativistic Theories

This blog demonstrate how changing ones perspective on the physical structure of the...

Owner: jeffocal

Listed in: Science

Tags: Physics, Einstein, Quantum Mechanics

3. Quantum Of Color

Find The Best Sample of Popular Paint Colors For Home Interior Design Ideas only at...

Owner: newcarsshow

Listed in: Home & Garden

Tags: paint colors house interior, paint colors interior design, paint colors home exterior, paint colors home decor, interior painting color ideas

4. Io parlo quanto mi pare!!!

l'ennesimo blog di politica, opinione, notizie

Owner: Nico_Spinella

Listed in: Society

Tags: News, Politica, Berlusconi, Monti, Beppe Grillo

5. Les Privat Super Quantum | Bimbel Privat Ke Rumah, Guru Les Privat Ke Rumah SD SMP SMA...

les privat super quantum, les privat, guru ke rumah, guru les privat, guru privat, guru...

Owner: sdmtis

Listed in: Academics

Tags: les privat, guru ke rumah, guru les privat, guru les, guru privat

6. Muquant DeFi

µQuant is a decentralized quantitative trading fund that operates reward mining with a...

Owner: kzrazib

Listed in: Finance

Tags: finance

7. ​Exterminating Bed Bugs Quantuml

Bedbugs are parasitic brown shaped insects’ dependent exclusively on human blood. Bed...

Owner: stevesmith16

Listed in: Health

Tags: exterminate bed bugs

8. quantitywzkwn@gmail.com


Owner: quantitywzkwn

Listed in: Automobile