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1. Why you should design your website for screen readers ?

Screen readers are specially designed software for visually impaired people. But are...

Owner: Manogna

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Tags: webdesign services, screen readers, visually impaired people

2. Tech Readers Club

Tech Readers Club is a Blog for Smart People. Get Latest News,Internet,How...

Owner: zraihan

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Tags: Technology, How to, Internet, SEO, Lifestyle

3. Four reasons your child needs a Reading Diary

Reading diaries for your child have an important role in developing your reader. They...

Owner: knowyourkids

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Tags: reading, diaries, books

4. 6 secrets to turn your child into a reader

Even children who find learning to read easy need to develop good reading habits. Here...

Owner: knowyourkids

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Tags: books, parents, child

5. Traveller Kids at Little Readers Nook, Mumbai

The World themed sessions by Little Readers Nook using the Hop Around the World giant...

Owner: cocomocokids

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Tags: Little Readers Nook, Educational games, toys, DIY activities, maps & return gifts

6. Best News Reader

Find online news updates as Latest National, Global Breaking News & also Photos,...

Owner: webdealer

Listed in: Local

Tags: Latest National, Breaking News

7. Life as a Reader

Life as a bibliophile, lit scholar, Catholic, & all-around equality advocate in...

Owner: LifeasaReader

Listed in: Religion

Tags: Equality, Religion, Gender, LGBT, Books

8. Korean Affairs Readers

As a blog about the DPRK led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, it focuses on how Juche...

Owner: Minki Woo

Listed in: Personal

Tags: dprk, kcna, rodong sinmun, minju joson, pyongyang times

9. Book Cover Design Secrets on Getting Reader’s Attentions

When it comes to self-publishing there are few things more important than the book cover.

Owner: larsmitten

Listed in: Business

Tags: Book Cover Design Secrets, book marketing companies,, BookVenture, Book Venture

11. It's All About the Reader (and 24 Other Rules About Writing)

Whether you maintain a humble personal blog or are an aspiring novelist, this manifesto...

Owner: larsmitten

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Tags: All About the Reader, self-publishing company, BookVenture Publishing, BookVenture, book publishing

12. Advice to New Writers: Go Where the Readers Are (and Why You Cannot Trust the Best...

Last year was another terrible year for the publishing industry -- book sales fell by...

Owner: larsmitten

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Tags: Advice to New Writers, self-publishing company, BookVenture Publishing, BookVenture, book publishing

13. Boyue C61R Ebook Reader Bring You A Different Experience For Reading

Boyue C61R is kind of ebook reader with 6 inch soft screen, to consider the screen of...

Owner: mopeidoogle

Listed in: Entertainment

14. Confessions Of A Reader

Author Interviews, Book Reviews

Owner: mylou825

Listed in: Literature